Ultra-flexible sunglasses, swimsuits with UV 80 protection, and quick-drying beach towels are the summer essentials from Ziddy for this year.

The Ziddy Summer Collection combines Practicality and Style

It’s all about beating the heat this season, and what better way than at Doha Festival City, courtesy Ziddy’s Collection for this summer, bringing with it a series of must-have new items. Among the highlights are ultra-flexible and nearly unbreakable sunglasses, and UV80 protective swimwear, which includes swimsuits and trunks, ideal for children of all ages. Additionally, the collection features quick-drying towels in a wide range of vibrant colors and multi-colored patterns.

Sunny days and water fun are underway, with the beach season about to begin. To ensure children are ready to make the most of these moments, Ziddy’s Summer Essentials offer solutions for all outdoor adventures that summer brings. The brand stands out as one that follows seasonal trends while prioritizing practicality, affordability, and style to meet the needs of families. The functional approach of this collection ensures that all children have what they need in their wardrobes, from newborns to older kids. The timeless pieces are designed to keep up with the busy pace of children’s daily lives without compromising on style or comfort.

With the presentation of an expressive collection, Ziddy invites little ones to explore the summer with a balanced color palette and a clean setting where water is the central element, reflecting the essence of the season.

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