Adolfo Domínguez: A collection to inhabit your summer

Adolfo Domínguez invites you to enjoy the long days and the new light.

Fresh fibres and summer uniforms.

Doha top shopping hub, Doha Festival City Mall is thrilled to host Adolfo Domínguez’s “La Gran Ligereza” collection, a selection of garments perfect for the arrival of the hot weather. This line features fresh fabrics, relaxed silhouettes, earth tones, and accessories with organic shapes that perfectly complement the summer season.

Linen, Adolfo Domínguez’s iconic fiber since the 1980s, is reinvented in suits, dresses, and shirts that promise to become the uniform of the summer. Grown in Europe without fertilizers and irrigated with rainwater, this linen highlights the brand’s Atlantic heritage, present in each of its collections.

The accessories include asymmetrical baskets that defy the classic beach bag and handmade braided paper fiber hats, which reinforce Adolfo Domínguez’s commitment to creating fashion that lasts, both in design and quality, beyond passing trends.

Surrounded by nature, between sea, sand, and volcanic rocks, Adolfo Domínguez presents this new line as an invitation to let oneself be carried away by the sensations evoked by the hottest months of the year. The garments and accessories seamlessly blend with the idyllic canvas, where the pure shapes of the landscape harmonize with the brand’s signature silhouettes.

Doha Festival City Mall is proud to offer our customers this exceptional “La Gran Ligereza” collection from Adolfo Domínguez, a perfect addition to our summer fashion offerings.

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