All About American Eagle

Step into a world of timeless style and self-expression with American Eagle, where fashion meets individuality. Unleash your unique identity through our curated collection of specialty apparel and accessories. When you slip into a pair of our iconic jeans, you’re not just wearing fabric – you’re embracing authenticity.

What sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to innovation. Since 1977, our jeans have been crafted with cutting-edge fabrics, ensuring both comfort and style. At American Eagle, we’re not just about crafting exceptional clothing; we’re about forging genuine connections with those who adore our fashion-forward creations.

Discover the perfect pair of #AEJeans that resonate with your unique style because fashion is not just about what you wear; it’s about expressing who you are.

About the Real Good Collection

Made with the planet in mind and a promise to do better

As part of our broader sustainability goals – which include a comprehensive plan to be carbon neutral by 2030 – we’ve made a commitment to moving toward more sustainable raw materials and reducing our water and energy usage. REAL Good styles include lots of feel-good, good-for-the-planet materials that have been sustainably produced and/or sourced. Real Good Jeans are manufactured in factories and fabric mills that meet our expectations for AEO’s Water Leadership Program, which includes:

  • Water reduction and management
  • Less wastewater that is without restricted or hazardous chemicals
  • Water recycling

What do We have for You?

Dive into the denim revolution at American Eagle, where the question isn’t just “How many types of jeans?” but “How do you want to express yourself today?” For women, it’s a choice of 15 fits and a staggering 90 washes, while the men’s selection boasts 12 fits and an impressive 111 washes. Your style, your canvas – all at your fingertips.

For Men

Yet, American Eagle isn’t just about denim; it’s a lifestyle. For men, explore a universe beyond jeans with shirts and polos in classic and slim fits, graphic tees that speak volumes, pants in chino and joggers for every mood, and shorts for those sunny adventures. Don’t forget the AE 24/7 activewear for the go-getters. Complete the look with tops, bottoms, and a trove of accessories – from socks to belts, ensuring your outfit is nothing short of perfection.

For Women

Ladies, your fashion journey goes beyond jeans too. Choose from oversized and classic shirts, dresses that make a statement, and graphic tees in slim, classic, and oversized fits. Feel the comfort of soft pants or elevate your style with fashion-forward choices. American Eagle caters to the completeness of your outfit with a range of tops, bottoms, and accessories like socks and belts.

#AEJeans _ Why Us?

American Eagle is not just a brand- it’s a lifestyle. At the heart of our essence are jeans, not merely a staple, but the pulsating rhythm of our identity. Without them, a wardrobe remains incomplete, lacking the quintessential magic that only jeans can bring. Rooted in the American denim heritage, our brand is a testament to quality, a relentless pursuit of excellence that beckons customers back for more. American Eagle jeans are more than fabric; It’s a symphony of self-expression where every pair is crafted with the belief that wearing #AEJeans is a declaration of style statement.

Our denim palette spans all shades, ensuring you find the one that perfectly complements your personality. Explore an array of fits, from classic to trending, in different rinses, washes, and innovative fabrics.

For the ladies, we offer Dreamy Drape Jeans – a fusion of trending slouchy, wide-leg fits in our softest, drapiest denim. It’s the perfect marriage of fashion and comfort.

Gentlemen, meet AirFlex+ Ultrasoft Jeans – a revelation in flexibility. These jeans move with you, crafted from our softest, breathable denim with high stretch that retains its original shape for years. It’s not just a pair of jeans; it’s a testament to enduring style and unparalleled comfort.

At American Eagle, we don’t just sell jeans; we redefine the art of self-expression. So, immerse yourself in the latest seasonal collection, where every stitch is a whisper of fashion-forward innovation.

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