The Swiss luxury watch brand has announced a world-first global cinematic campaign that celebrates the essence of the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera through stars chasing their dreams in night-time Los Angeles. With brand ambassadors Ryan Gosling, Alexandra Daddario and Patrick Dempsey – along with new Chinese ambassador Liu Haoran shot in Shanghai – this is their road, their race, and their Carrera.

And the bespoke collection can be yours to own, courtesy the branch at Doha Festival City.

TAG Heuer’s Carrera is the showcase for the brand’s motor-racing heritage. A timepiece for those with the boldness to dream, and the daring to do. It’s the timepiece that has been chasing dreams since 1963.
Named after the notoriously dangerous Carrera Panamericana race, it was designed by charismatic CEO Jack Heuer with readability and simplicity in mind, essential for world-class drivers who needed to tell the time at a glance while under utmost pressure.

But it also embodies something else: a timepiece designed for those with the boldness to chase down their destiny and live their dreams, just as our three Hollywood stars have done, and as the campaign captures them doing.

The company’s obsession with readability began in 1958 when Jack Heuer dropped from first to third in a Swiss rally he was competing in because he could not read the dashboard timer correctly. The Heuer Carrera, introduced five years later, was radically different to any other watch the company had produced before, embracing a clear and minimal design language to create unrivalled readability.

The result was an icon – elegant and uncluttered, sporty and daring – that spoke to a love of mid-century design yet remains timeless over six decades on.

The word Carrera means “race” but also “path”, making it a timepiece for those with a boldness to believe they can succeed, and determined to chart their own path to get there.

Ryan Gosling wears the new 39mm Carrera Chronograph with steel bracelet in “glassbox” design, the first of the redesigned Carrera collection to come with one, which highlights the panda configuration and launched today at Watches and Wonders. Inspired from the late 1960s, it’s a symbol of precision and iconic design evolution.

Gosling also wears the 39mm Carrera Chronograph with a stunning signature blue dial in a “Glass box” design on a blue calfskin leather strap, launched in 2023 at Watches and Wonders as part of the Carrera’s 60th anniversary.

Alexandra Daddario wears the 36mm Carrera Date with a striking pink dial on ultra-elegant tapered lugs, also launched in 2023 as part of the Carrera’s 60th anniversary, a vibrant timepiece that reveals the daring of the wearer. She will also be seen wearing the newly launched Carrera Date Copper dial in 36mm.

Patrick Dempsey wears the 42mm Carrera Chronosprint x Porsche, a sporty special edition launched last September that pays tribute to the motor-racing heritage shared by the legendry carmaker and the iconic Swiss luxury watch brand.

Liu Haoran wears the new 39mm Carrera Chronograph with steel bracelet in “Glass box” design, launched today at Watches and Wonders.

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