Sports Item to Awaken the Athlete in You | Doha Festival City’s Virtual Mall

With a vast array of renowned brands and an unparalleled selection of items, Doha Festival City’s new online shopping platform, Virtual Mall, is a playground for both the pros and enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience.

Explore the best of sports items available at Virtual Mall, allowing you to elevate your sports game whether you are a pro or an enthusiast, all from the comfort of your home.



Renowned for its dedication to quality, Hoodie from Harvey Nichols is carefully curated from premium materials sourced from Italy and Japan. Whether you lean towards the casual comfort of logo-branded tees and worn-in cotton hoodies or seek to make a statement in them, this Hoodie suit your fashion tastes.



Enhance your essential wardrobe pieces with these Sweatpants from Harvey Nichols. Featuring a cozy elasticated waistband, this item is designed with a relaxed straight-leg fit and adorned with clustered logo embroidery along the sides, embellished with shiny threads.

Canvas Sports Crossbody Bag

QAR 30

Remember, it’s essential to keep your items close at hand. Which is why the Canvas Sports Crossbody Bag is the best for the on-the-go athlete ensuring you’re always ready for your next adventure. From Mumuso, making it the ultimate alternative to eradicate non-biodegradable plastic and synthetic materials from your daily activities.

Collapsible Backpack Black


You can also amp up your sports gear with the Collapsible Backpack Black from Mumuso. Designed for athletes who appreciate practicality, this bag seamlessly transitions from the gym to the field with ease. Featuring a side mesh pocket, this backpack effortlessly combines simplicity with functionality for the modern athlete. For the jet-setting athlete, the Multifunctional Travel Sports Bag is a game-changer. With compartments designed for efficiency.

Sports Cellphone Arm Bag


Stay connected while on the move with the Sports Cellphone Arm Bag from Mumuso. Securely stow your device during your workouts, making sure you never miss a beat.

Unisex Sports Mini Crew Socks

QAR 15

The  Unisex Sports Mini Crew Socks is designed for both men and women. Whether you’re looking to cover, warm, protect, contour your feet, or simply enhance your footwear theme, these socks are the perfect choice for a trendy and relaxed appearance.

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