Sarah Mohamed’s Must Have Beauty Products

Discover the beauty essentials that top influencer Sarah Mohamed swears by, as she unveils her favorite picks from Doha Festival City. We sat down with Sarah to find out her curated selection, from skincare must-haves to makeup necessities, that promise a radiant and flawless look for anyone and everyone.

  • What are your top five must-have makeup products that you discovered at Doha Festival City, and why do they stand out for you?

I would say it Cosmetics’ CC cream, Lash Kush mascara by Milk, Rare Beauty concealer, Clarins lip oil and Makeup Forever’s lip liner in wherever walnut! I love them because they give a flattering finish while stil being  gentle on my face. They can all be found in Sephora at Doha Festival City!

  • Now, diving into skincare – could you reveal five finds from Doha Festival City that are absolute game-changers in your skincare routine?

SKINCEUTICALS’s B5 Serum and CE Ferulic, coupled with hydrating hyaluronic acid, Eucerin’s nourishing lip balm, and Avene’s soothing Cicalfate cream – these are my go-to skincare treasures. You can find all of these at Kulud Pharmacy in DFC, a true haven for skincare enthusiasts.

  •  Can you share any hidden gems or exclusive beauty finds available at Doha Festival City that most people don’t know about?

Absolutely! Doha Festival City is home to some incredible hidden gems, especially at Harvey Nichols. It’s my go-to spot for exclusive makeup, perfumes, and skincare products that you won’t find just anywhere

  • As a beauty influencer in Qatar, how do you think Doha Festival City sets itself apart in terms of offering a diverse range of beauty products and brands?

I believe that DFC is one of the most iconic places to get makeup and skincare in Doha! Due to its huge stores and different options for different budgets! It’s definitely one of my personal favorites.

  • What is the best makeup or skincare advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received is to prioritize healthy skin. Working on your skin with suitable products leads to a healthier, more glowing appearance, both with and without makeup. So, investing in your skin as much as possible is key.

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