The celebrated French brand at Doha Festival City has unveiled its captivating new women’s collection, offering a fresh take on timeless elegance.

For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the SANDRO design studio imagines the wardrobe of cosmopolitan women, whose energy is reflected in a mix of styles. Silhouettes are shaped by a contrast of influences and volumes.

The preppy look is rethought in new proportions that alternate from one extreme to the other. Jackets are worn short and narrow, or very shouldered. Fitted tops are paired with wide-leg pants. The clean lines of tailoring contrast with ruffled dresses, which are all about movement. Black and white evokes the feminine 90s, while soft grays soften the rigor of a college uniform. This season, rhinestones adorn everyday pieces such as denim and jersey, to be worn day or night.

Timeless pieces are juxtaposed with sunny, vibrant tones. Full summer is embodied in dip-dye pieces, expressed in a profusion of colors that evoke the cycles of the sun. The richness of prints echoes influences from India, from toile de Jouy to a faded paisley motif that appears to have been washed in water for too long. Medallions enrich knit ensembles, which are worn close to the body, while metallic flowers contrast with the softness of satin.

This season, there is something a little dressier about the silhouette. Tailoring is expressed with envy, in an oversized minimalism with loose-fitting jackets with single-breasted buttons, or in more fitted cuts, double-breasted. A tie is the way to go. The colour palette reveals navy or light blues, sandy beiges, earthy browns, stringy ecru and deep blacks. With virgin wool, cotton gabardine or viscose, the design studio expresses the SANDRO look in typical materials of the repertoire. Jackets, flowing shirts, and suits are deliberately cut simply.

In contrast to this formal look, there are combinations of lavender, aniseed and water green pastels. Floral prints are worked in several dimensions. In blurred flowers, like watercolour painting, or in precise flowers, almost art deco. The silhouette takes on a cool summer fullness. The stature is more voluminous. The shoulders drop and the trousers are wide.

True to its attachment to the Mediterranean coast, the SANDRO wardrobe inspires Balearic sensations in the silhouette. A crochet jumper has a large spiral at its centre, like a fractal. Linen, cotton and viscose are highlighted to affirm a certain casualness.

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