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Karaca’s grand unveiling at Doha Festival City: Your one-stop destination for Turkish homeware elegance

Karaca, the renowned Turkish homeware brand, has expanded its presence in Qatar with the opening of its flagship store at Doha Festival City. Located on the 1st floor in the Welcome Court L, this new store marks a significant milestone for Karaca, offering a vast and diversified selection of premium homeware products.

As the largest showroom in the repertoire, Karaca at Doha Festival City promises an unparalleled shopping experience, presenting various sectors such as Home, Kitchen, Dining, Carpets, and Small Appliances.

Home Section:

The Home section at Karaca’s new store encompasses everything from bedroom essentials to stylish living room decor. Customers can explore a vast array of options to enhance the aesthetics of their living spaces.

Kitchen and Dining:

The Kitchen and Dining section boasts premium dinnerware collections like Fine Pearl, crafted with real pearls, and exquisite ceramic and Fine Bone selections. Karaca’s commitment to quality shines through in every piece, making mealtime a truly luxurious experience.


Karaca offers a luxurious selection of high-end silk carpets and a variety of regular rugs. The Carpets section is designed to add warmth and sophistication to any home, providing customers with an array of choices to suit their personal style.

Small Appliances:

For those seeking modern conveniences, the Small Appliances section at Karaca’s new store offers a diverse range of blenders, vacuums, toasters, grills, mixers, coffee makers, and more. Each product combines functionality with a sleek design, providing a perfect blend of form and function.

Karaca’s new store is a celebration of Turkish craftsmanship and homeware excellence. With its expansive showroom and diverse product offerings in Home, Kitchen, Dining, Carpets, and Small Appliances, Karaca invites customers to explore a world of elegance and functionality. Visit their website to delve deeper into the exquisite collections and discover how Karaca can elevate homes to new heights of sophistication and style.

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