Have your Summer Style on Point! with our Stunning New Collection of Evening and Casual Dresses!

Listen up, fashion-forward ladies – Here’s a shout-out: AVA has just unveiled its stunning evening dresses in the latest collection and stylish casual dresses. Join us at the branch in Doha Festival City to discover couture and style at its peak!

Whether you have an event lined up or want trendy additions to your everyday wear, our eclectic range of products is sure to be a delight.

Our evening dress collections are perfect for glam events featuring sumptuous materials and fine finishes that let you feel like a superstar on the red carpet.

We also offer some laid-back dresses if you do not want to wear anything too form-fitting. Our casual collection boasts comfortable yet fashionable clothing suitable for a girls’ brunch.

Feel free to come over to our store today in Doha Festival City so that you can explore the newest line and freshen up your closet with the hottest fashion trends this season.

We’re looking forward to helping you find your dream dress.

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