Discover a Culinary Adventure That Will Amaze Your Taste Buds at Wagamama Restaurant!

Ever experienced an Asian-inspired cuisine? Well, look no further than at Wagamama restaurant, your go-to destination for a truly unforgettable and the best casual Asian dining experience.

Wagamama restaurant takes pride in enriching its menu with popular Japanese and Asian gastronomy, offering a wide range of delectable options to suit every palate. From the comforting warmth of ramen to the sizzling delights of teppanyaki and the aromatic flavors of curry dishes, Wagamama’s menu is a culinary journey that will leave you craving for more.

At Wagamama, the art of sushi or makizushi in Japanese is celebrated with finesse. One of the standout restaurant’s signatures is the urumaki, a tantalizing combination of eight medium inside-out sushi rolls, garnished with wasabi paste and ginger.

For those seeking unique delicacies, Wagamama offers an array of creative sushi rolls. The crunchy California option features a delightful blend of rolled crabstick, cucumber, and avocado coated with tempura flakes and drizzled with spicy mayo. The cherry blossom roll combines rolled fried breaded shrimps, cucumber, and avocado, topped with surimi, cherry blossom sauce, yakitori sauce, sriracha, and mixed sesame seeds, creating a harmonious blend of aromas.

Another must-try option is the volcano maki, which consists of rolled breaded shrimp and avocado coated with togarashi and chives. It is then topped with a delightful mix of chopped kani and cucumber, drizzled with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce, offering a fiery and satisfying taste experience.

Not to be missed is the dragon roll, featuring breaded shrimps rolled with cucumber and topped with avocado, orange tobiko, spicy mayo, and teriyaki sauce. This roll is a true representation of Wagamama’s commitment to culinary excellence.

A meal at Wagamama restaurant is an opportunity to savor the finest Asian flavors while enjoying a unique and personalized dining experience. The restaurant’s dedication to exquisite culinary skills ensures that each dish is a masterpiece that will leave diners amazed and satisfied. Step in today to this gastronomic adventure; your taste buds will thank you!

Visit Wagamama restaurant on the first floor of Doha Festival City to indulge in the exceptional offers and explore the rich tapestry of Asian-inspired cuisine.

Link to our sushi menu: https://shorturl.at/ekcix

For more information, tour Wagamama’s website (www.wagamama.com.qa) to explore its menu and make reservation. Follow Wagamama on instagram or facebook: @wagamamaqatar for the latest updates and mouthwatering food inspiration.

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