What’s New at Doha Festival City

As the sun rises over the vibrant city of Doha, the excitement for the latest store and restaurant openings at Doha Festival City is palpable. Indulge in the opulence of our mall with latest offerings, where a world of lavish shopping, dining, and entertainment options await your presence.

Fashion & Beauty

Our exquisite and diverse range of products are showcased providing a window to the more recent boutique openings and product launches, ensuring you remain up to date with all that our magnificent mall has to offer.


Immerse in the opulence of timeless beauty with Guerlain, a French label that has become synonymous with daring creativity and legendary fragrances, skincare, and make-up.


Discover the supreme in solace and grandeur with Skechers, the award-winning global footwear brand that offers lifestyle and performance footwear for trend-savvy men, women, and children.


Elevate your wardrobe with Melissia, the Kuwaiti company that designs and produces ethereal women’s fashion from the finest Korean and Japanese fabrics.

New in Tech

Doha Festival City is a shopper’s paradise, and the tech stores located within its premises are nothing short of impressive. From the latest gadgets to high-end electronics, these stores are a haven for tech enthusiasts and casual customers alike.


Tech enthusiasts can look forward to the arrival of Starlink, the revolutionary pioneering vendor of mobile devices and accessories with diversified outsourced-managed services such as Information Technology (IT), installations, maintenance, and contact centers.

New in Food & Beverage

Walking through the mall, the tempting aromas of different cuisines will awaken your senses and guide you to the various dining establishments. From fine dining to quick bites, the food and beverage places in Doha Festival City are a true culinary adventure.

TGI Friday’s

Experience the epitome of refined dining with TGI Fridays, where culinary innovation and expertise converge to create most flavorful meals possible. Their vibrantly hued salads, loaded potato skins, tender burgers, and glazed ribs are a true crowd-pleaser.

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