West Elm: Your Dream Home can now be ‘Made to Order’

West Elm ‘Made to Order’ service creates personalized pieces with quality design. Designers collaborate with artisans to reflect various styles.

Your home is a haven and a sanctuary from the outside world. It’s where you take deep breaths, let your hair down and relax so you can recharge your mental and emotional energy. You need to design your home to fit your aesthetic, style, and vibe. West Elm can make that a reality now. Found the perfect couch, but you’re not a fan of the fabric? No problem! With a stunning range of home accessories, furniture and signature West Elm store offers their ‘Made to Order’ service, that is now even faster.

Bring signature style to your home with exclusive upholstered furnishings and choose from a wide variety of custom fabrics to make statement chairs and stylish sofas your own.

West Elm Summer Collection 2023

Versatile and Authentic Designs for Modern Living by West Elm

West Elm crafts each piece with meticulous attention to quality and design, elevating personalization in the home by curating pieces that are made for you and designed by you within 12 weeks. Whether a minimalistic hue, or a bold, signature living space take your preference, you can add personality to your home to make your setting your own.

Known for designs that reflect a variety of styles mixing clean lines, natural textures and global accents. West Elm creates authentic, affordable, and approachable designs for modern living.

West Elm Summer Collection 2023

Discover West Elm’s Complimentary Design Services and Exclusive Products

West Elm’s designers partner with artisans worldwide to create exclusive products, while in-store, the ‘Design Crew’ offers free services. Design Service Specialists help you pick fabrics and colors.

West Elm’s ‘Made to Order’ service lets you create your dream home with personalized pieces. Talented designers work with artisans to make exclusive products with quality and unique styles. To explore this exciting service, visit West Elm at Doha Festival City Mall. Don’t miss the chance to make your home a true sanctuary!

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