Use Lip Balms on your Lips

Always carefully prep your lips before applying lipstick to avoid having uneven flaky, or a patchy look. The balm should be left on for a few minutes to fully absorb. It can prevent your lips from any dry patches that might flake off, it produces the ideal base for a lipstick with all-day wearability. To get the perfect base try limited-edition Fizzy Feels Lip Balm from MAC’s Bubbles & Bows collection which is a pearlescent lip balm adding layers of moisture leaving lips with a sparkling soft hint of pink.

After priming your lips correctly, pick your statement color and no other product can compare to the exceptional position that a red lipstick has. The brash and starling red pout represents power and assurance.

However, it is not a secret that applying lipstick flawlessly at times might feel utterly impossible. You might over-line your lips, giving them an artificial appearance, or one side can be applied thicker than the other. Don’t worry though, you will always have the perfect pout thanks to these exclusive tips.

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