That’s Living

A household name in home fashion as well as a leader in the production and design of high-end furniture That’s Living brand that has ten stores around the world from which they have a total of eight in Doha and five of them are in Doha Festival City. Rest of the two are in Moscow and Warsaw. That’s Living brand includes That’s Living: Home Furniture, That’s Living Kids: Kids bedrooms, toys & fashion, Ambiance with home accessories brands like Baobab, Porto Brasil, Welton London, Narumi, Eclipse featuring designer brands like Hudson Valley, Regina Andrew, Visual Comfort, and lastly Maya Paris with their outdoor furniture. Adriana Hoyos, which has recently opened in Doha Festival City offers impeccable and sophisticated designs that will enrich the atmosphere of your beloved home. Good news is that the grandiose Ralph Lauren Home is coming your way. It is opening near you at the Doha Festival City featuring all of its impressive homeware collections. Get ready to give your home a whole new makeover with the timeless and splendid products of the Ralph Lauren brand.

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