Swarovski - Metamorphosis Collection

Swarovski Launches ‘Metamorphosis’ Campaign by Steven Meisel

Swarovski presents its new brand campaign by fashion photographer Steven Meisel, conceived by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert and brought to life by the visionary styling of makeup artist Dame Pat McGrath.

Entitled Metamorphosis, the campaign is a celebration of joyful self-expression and the transformative power of crystals. It features a series of otherworldly creatures representing Swarovski’s Florere, Idyllia, Gema, Dextera, and Millenia jewelry families, reimagined in a fantastical new light by McGrath’s makeup artistry as tropical flora and fauna.

Meisel brings to life Swarovski’s iconic jewelry designs in four unique portraits embodying the personalities of the Butterfly, Parrot, Pineapple and Turtle. Each character a testament to joyful extravagance and the wonder of the natural world.

The campaign draws on Swarovski’s Austrian heritage for inspiration. Taking its cues from the magical garden rooms created by Empress Maria-Theresa at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace in the Eighteenth Century.

Swarovski Enchanted Crystalline Garden: A Celebration of Creativity and Joy

“Maria-Theresa’s garden rooms are populated from her dreams. They are fantastical spaces painted with murals of flora and fauna from around the globe that would never naturally share the same habitat. Similarly, I wanted to create an enchanted crystal garden that does not exist in nature but still brings the same joy,” said Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski Creative Director.

In Swarovski’s enchanted crystalline garden, the jewelry pieces merge and metamorphose into fantasy creatures inspired by tropical fruits, birds and animals, each with their own personalities.

The Metamorphosis campaign is a celebration of the beauty of Swarovski crystals and how they are a catalyst of creativity and joy,” added Engelbert. “Its inspiration is the link between the transformative power of art and the transformative power of jewelry.”

Meisel captures the enchanting characters in a series of mesmerizing images, each embodying the spirit and savoir-faire of Swarovski’s iconic jewelry families and showcasing the joyful magic of crystals.

The Parrot

Swarovski - The Parrot

The parrot symbolizes power and individuality. Uniquely expressive in the bird world, it is a supremely sociable and adventurous soul. Swarovski’s Parrot captivates with its glittering gaze. Originating from the Idyllia family with a rebellious energy and a punk soul, this

unapologetically bold character displays extraordinary confidence. Fiery red and yellow custom-cut crystals captivate, exuding wit and imagination. With its irreverent spirit and abundant curiosity, Swarovski’s Parrot is a gateway to experimental realms gilded with glamour.

The Pineapple

Swarovski - The Pineapple

The pineapple begins as a shrub with flowers, transforming into a delicious tropical fruit, hiding a sweet interior. Swarovski’s Pineapple is a testament to the transformative power of nature, and the pleasure of the unexpected. The Idyllia family inspires The Pineapple, which symbolizes opulence. Its sharp lines and bold angles radiate geometric brilliance, resplendent in rich green and gold.

The Turtle

The turtle represents longevity and, with a unique shell architecture, undergoes its own metamorphosis from inert to meditative and mesmerizing. Exuding strength, tranquility, and Emerging from the chrysalis, the butterfly joyfully flutters. Its newfound wings revealing endless possibilities among blossoming flowers.

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