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Snow Dunes: The Return of Snowy Tuesday; a Wintry Wonderland Awaits

Winter is not just a season, but an emotion for many. Snowy Tuesday captures that very sentiment, and we are thrilled to announce its grand return! If you’re someone who’s enchanted by the soft embrace of cold air, the silvery allure of frost, and the euphoria of sub-zero adventures, Snow Dunes is where your dreams will come to life this winter.

Unlimited Rides: Where Every Turn is a New Adventure

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Immerse yourself in an icy realm where each ride promises a heart-throbbing experience. From high-speed twists that mimic the Arctic winds to serene journeys that let you soak in the snow-capped surroundings, there’s an escapade awaiting every kind of adventurer. And with unlimited rides set against the mesmerizing backdrop of glittering snow, the thrills are bound to be endless.

Refueling the Adventure: Warm Treats in a Cold Setting at Snow Dunes

No wintry expedition is complete without the comfort of warm food. And understanding the vitality of a hearty meal amidst chills, we’ve ensured every Snowy Tuesday ticket comes with the promise of a delectable snack. Dive into a world of flavors with our range of savory bites and sweet treats. As the snowflakes dance around, let the warmth of our delicacies elevate your spirits.

Memories Frozen in Time: Souvenirs to Cherish

Every adventure has its stories, and what better way to commemorate your Snowy Tuesday than with an exclusive souvenir? An emblem of your time amidst the snow, these keepsakes are a reminder of the chills, thrills, and everything in between.

A Day of Frosty Fun at an Unbeatable Price at Snow Dunes

All the icy adventures, warm treats, and cherished memories come to you at an irresistible price of just QAR 89. Such experiences are rare, and offers like these rarer!

So, as the snow settles and the winter calls, remember, an unparalleled experience awaits you at Snow Dunes. Gather your loved ones and make your way for a Snowy Tuesday like never before!

For bookings and more information, don’t hesitate to reach out. Dial the Snow Dunes hotline at 4042 0444 or explore more at

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