Sfera FAll Winter Collection

Sfera: a Symphony of Contrasts FW23 Collection

A harmonious symphony bursts forth from Sfera FW23 collection this season. Melodic
contrasts between cool and warm colours and straight, ethereal silhouettes blend to create the
overture to winter, in a collection that exudes femininity and a sense of generation to create the
wardrobe of the season.

Cooler tones intertwine to create a wintry landscape where blues, greens, and shades of mauve
form an irresistible palette. They are burnished by subtle brushstrokes and joyful warm notes
that emerge through reddish, yellow, and pink hues, creating an array of colours that transport
us to the most dynamic musical piece, where movement and the freest emotions take centre

Sfera’s Winter Elegance: A Blend of Simplicity and Daring Sophistication

Fluid silhouettes contrast with the collection’s straight lines and the elements that embellish the
most special pieces stand out against the simplicity of the most basic garments. Fringes, ruffles,
puffed sleeves and draping blend in the most special way with the sobriety of trousers and coats;
garments designed with a restrained but elegant style that welcomes the coldest of the seasons.

In this collection, Sfera has not overlooked evening wear. At their most spectacular, the most
festive choices radiate sensuality and femininity through neck ties, or varying lengths in skirts
and dresses, ranging from the most fun mini garments to maxi lengths that add a more dramatic
flair. Bold materials and prints have been chosen to achieve the most daring winter looks.

A Seasonal Sonata: The Harmonious Evolution of Color, Texture, and Emotion with Sfera

The colours and textures are aligned to give unity to the collection and create a dreamlike
symphony that evolves as the months go by, through garments that adjust to seasonal changes.
This rounds off a season that immerses us in the most harmonious parts of this period of the
year to convey feelings of joy and freedom, with an emphasis on detail and contrast to bring the
collection to life, from the prelude to the gentlest autumn to the final notes of the most potent

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