Experience Timeless Elegance with Roberto Coin: The Perfect Fusion of Fine Jewelry & Italian Craftsmanship

After dedicating collections to Portofino, Capri, Rome and Venice, Roberto Coin has chosen another Italian city as the inspiration for his jewels –Verona. The creations of Love in Verona collection are part of the thread that connects his jewelry to Italy’s most iconic cities. The collections take us on a tour of Italy, and the jewels become ambassadors of its beauty.

Verona is the city of lovers, the stage for literature’s most famous love story, Romeo and Juliet, and home to the “Juliet Club”. The club has been the most romantic in existence since 1930; it manages the thousands of love letters to Juliet that arrive from every corner of the world. Every day, a group of women gets together to read and answer the love letters and then conserve them in a precious archive, all in the name of love and of the city of Verona.

The jewels in the collection are made with three colors of gold, in polished and satin finishes, to wear together for a total-look effect. The design reintroduces the four-petal diamond flower that has been the center of other of the brand’s collections. The constant repetition of the flower over the entire surface of the jewels is an esthetic evocation of the architectural structure of the Arena of Verona, another one of the city’s emblems.

In a collection that is rich in symbols, Roberto Coin has chosen to express his craftsmanship with a strongly contemporary, minimal look. The gold is worked to obtain an ultra-glossy effect and a special alloy is used to make it highly resistant. Every diamond is set by hand with the use of a microscope. The clasp on each bracelet in the collection is designed with a hidden mechanism that guarantees maximum safety without subtracting from the clean lines of the silhouette.

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