Rituals created a luxurious and exclusive product line for the home and body. Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, the products featured in our international mall aim to enrich your life using their signature fragrances that are uniquely designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers. Fragrance sticks, scented candles, and home perfume can transform your mood and fill your place with a nice aroma. Rituals also offers its bestselling collection of exquisite fragrances ranging from calming to energizing with Ritual of Jing, Ayurveda, Hammam, Sakura, Mehr, and Karma to immerse yourself. The gift box that comes with the fragrances can be reused as a luxury storage box for keeping photographs, letters, or other items. Their Homme & Sports collection is pretty impressive too for anyone with an active lifestyle and a love for adventure.

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