Scents can bring back priceless memories and can be used as an extravagant method to give something special to a cherished person.  Your mall of choice in Qatar has a large assortment of renowned perfume brands with mesmerizing fragrances like Jovoy Perfumes is offering some of their enchanting fragrances collection such as Bouquet encore, oriento , east and  touche finale specially for mother’s day. Dior Blooming Bouquet by the iconic Dior contains eccentric and refreshing fragrances that would complement your mother’s elegance. Rituals Cosmetics has lavish and exquisite perfumes which are very popular in the beauty luxury industry. Fleurs de l’Himalaya or Rêve de Hanami are perfect choices for floral scent lovers. If your mom is more of a woody fragrance fan then you can’t go wrong with L’Éclat which is a unique perfume which can be layered or applied on its own. Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme Eau De Parfum & Ombré leather parfum also have distinct intensifying scent. Rituals’ lavish and exquisite Eau de Parfums is good option too. In fact, Tease Sugar Fleur by Victoria Secret will also becoming by end of January to make it really difficult for you to choose. All perfumes are available at retail and online as well.

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