New Master Bedroom Looks by Christy

Christy, the leading bedding supplier in the Gulf, is very excited to launch our new “Master Bedroom” bedlinen collection just in time for EID celebrations.

In this exclusive collaboration between Linen Obsession and Christy England. The Arabian Gulf’s unique taste and colour preferences have been considered, along with designs specially commissioned to celebrate the holy month.

From luxurious duvet covers, comforters, bedspreads to detailed pillowcases, fitted sheets, cushions, and quilted shams, each set combines opulence with comfort. These collections feature elegant lace inserts, velvet or special trims, bringing luxury to every corner of your bedroom.

What sets these collections apart is the attention to detail and the tailored approach to suit the Arabian market’s hot climate and interior decor colours. Informed by our deep understanding of regional aesthetics, every design element is carefully curated to complement traditional and contemporary Arabesque motifs, elevating your bedroom with a timeless elegant look.

Christy’s new collections have already received a very warm response and welcome from the market. Embracing the concept of convenience and luxury, many customers, especially our local Arabian clientele, appreciate the ease of picking up a high-quality bedding collection in one set, ready to take home and unwrap the perfect bedroom.

To explore these designs and to add luxury to your bedroom decor, visit our online store at www.christy.ae.

Indulge in luxury and comfort, your dream bedroom awaits.

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