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Maison de Joelle: a Lavish Experience

Take away from our hearts the love for beauty, and you have taken away all the charm of life.” Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Maison de Joelle is well known as one of the most important beauty centres in the Middle East as it is a salon for celebrities which offers the finest cosmetic services that every distinguished modern woman needs, at the hands of professional beauticians, experienced and efficient people in all its multiple branches, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Tunisia, and Kurdistan.

The first Maison de Joelle branch was opened in 2008 by founder & entrepreneur Joelle Mardinian. With its distinctive luxurious and comfortable design, it has become the favourite place for beauty lovers to get pampered. Moreover,Maison de Joelle is characterized by being a salon that combines elegance, luxury, and good taste, which entitles it to be one of the most important and reputable beauty centres in the Middle East.

It is also one of the first salons that give its clients amazing total look transformations that include hair care, skin treatments for the face and body, makeup, and nail care, in addition to the spa and other wonderful services.

In Qatar, this prestigious franchise belongs to Onex Beauty Group, a Qatari company founded in 2013. Established to be one of the top groups in the beauty industry in Qatar, it works with a vision of offering high-quality, natural, innovative cosmetic products that are friendly to the customers and the environment.

Passionate about beauty in its broadest sense, they firmly believe that personal care also involves taking care of our planet. Maison de Joelle has therefore set the goal of providing their distinguished clients with high-performing, environmental-friendly, natural products with flawless, long-lasting, healthy effects such as Previa, Framesi, and GUAM from Italy are vegan products made with up to 97.8% natural ingredients.

Express your identity without damaging your hair. A gentle, non-binding colour ideal for those who want to change their look with no long-term bounds. Allows for frequent changes in look, with the freedom to express each shade of one’s personality without damaging the hair.

Framesi Morphosis Green:

More people want a sustainable lifestyle focusing on nature and wellness. Morphosis green is a professional line with up to 99% natural main principles and ingredients for shiny hair and a hydrated body. Composed of four products designed for a consumer protective of nature and wellness, Morphosis Green is made with carefully selected, rigorously natural ingredients.

Guam Seaweed Mud:

Guam seaweed mud is one of the most highly appreciated treatments for women all over the world to fight skin imperfections caused by cellulite. Results, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction level have been tested several times and certified by major Italian universities and research institutes.

What is the secret of Guam seaweed mud?

It is an original formula with the renowned properties of Guam seaweed (21%), finely ground clays, and functional substances, selected and optimised to fight cellulite and reduce fat deposits under the skin with a natural product.

Guam seaweed has always been selected, harvested, and processed according to traditional methods therefore, all products of Maison de Joelle are of organic origin, 100% natural, and eco-friendly.

Maison de Joelle at Doha Festival City is a great destination for anyone looking to pamper themselves and experience high-end beauty services in a luxurious and comfortable setting. What are you waiting for? Be submerged in a lavish experience. Download the app to book your appointment.

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