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Lush: Indulge in Whimsy and Sensory Bliss

Step into the world of Lush, where bath time transforms into a whimsical and sensorial experience. From the renowned handmade bath bombs that have made waves in tubs around the globe to the innovative foray into fitness-inspired products, Lush offers a range of indulgent creations that elevate your self-care routine to extraordinary levels.

Lush Bath Bombs

Lush Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs have made waves in bathtubs all over the world. Handmade bath bombs are what they’re famous for, but did you know that the very first bath bomb was pressed in Mo’s garden shed? Bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes, with different colors, fragrances and extra surprises. These fantastical fizzers can turn your average soak into a playground for the senses. Lush love to push the boundaries and will take you to the next level bathing. Drop one of these handmade bath bombs into a hot relaxing bath for an explosion of color and essential oils. From simply pressed, natural remedies to levelled up luxury bath bombs, add a little bath fizz to your bath time routine.

Massage Bars & Epsom Salts Cubes

Lush Massage Bars

Lush ventures into the world of fitness with the launch of magnesium massage bars and Epsom salts cubes. The innovative and original magnesium collection is brimming with a potent element that purportedly enhances recuperation of muscles, promotes quality sleep, and potentially alleviates discomfort. The masterminds at Lush have taken the art of applying this element through the skin to unprecedented heights, merging the advantageous characteristics of magnesium with the rejuvenating effects of massage and immersion, precisely timed for the influx of fitness routines that often leave individuals achy. Lush’s clientele frequently expresses their desire for Epsom salts, so Lush has graciously met this demand by introducing two cubes enriched with magnesium Epsom salt into the assortment. These muscle-reviving soaks, teeming with magnesium, can be effortlessly placed into the bath or a foot bath, facilitating a peaceful and restorative night’s slumber.

Lush Fragrances

Lush Fragrances

All of perfumery is language. It’s learning how to put a word to a smell. The minute you put a word to a smell, you have a memory for it. Poetry and beautiful words are a pleasure to be around. They’re like beautiful oils or products. Perfumery is an expression of things that have happened to us, or things we feel emotionally attached to. Karma is one of Lush iconic scent. With an invigorating blend that ignites the senses, Karma captivates with its fiery, zesty, and utterly one-of-a-kind essence. Lush fragrances intertwine the essence of refreshing scents resulting in an alluring aroma that emanates warmth and allure.

The extraordinary world of Lush, gives the experience of a sensory journey like no other. To explore the range of their captivating products, including bath bombs, massage bars, and fragrances. Visit Lush at Doha Festival City. Elevate your self-care routine and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Lush’s offerings.

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