Luisa Spagnoli Fashion

Luisa Spagnoli – The Story of Love, Determination, & Innovation

In 2018, Luisa Spagnoli celebrated 90 years of exceptional fashion. The brand’s roots date back to 1928 when Luisa Spagnoli introduced “The manufacturing of Angora rabbit wool” project in her garden in Santa Lucia, Perugia. Luisa Spagnoli was a woman of vision, charisma, and non-conformity. She was a pioneer who anticipated the evolution of female presence in the workplace by at least half a century. She invented a yarn product that captured the attention of Italian and foreign buyers alike due to its quality, select fabrics, classic style, elegant silhouettes, and harmonious colors.

Luisa Spagnoli Fashion

The rich history and values behind the success of Luisa Spagnoli

Today, Nicoletta Spagnoli has infused the love and bold identity of the past into the company as CEO and President since 1986. She has transformed its founding values into growth, intuition, and creativity.

The story begins with love, determination, and charisma. She started a dressmaking atelier in 1928 in Perugia, Italy. Luisa Spagnoli fell in love with these sweet treats, which would later give birth to “La Perugina – Cioccolato e Confetture.” Luisa Spagnoli was a member of the board who invented the famous Bacio Perugina in 1922.

Mario Spagnoli grew the company into the largest and most innovative European factory in its sector. In 1960, his son Lino became CEO, developing a strategic marketing culture.

After Lino’s passing in 1986, Nicoletta Spagnoli took over the company. She launched an innovative line for a younger audience and initiating a significant brand restyling. Today, Nicoletta Spagnoli continues to carry on a dream that began years ago, fueled by the same elegance and love.

Luisa Spagnoli S.p.A. is an Italian company based in Perugia that specializes in the production and distribution of womenswear. The company has a long history and tradition in this industry. Its DNA embodies the territory of Umbria, the manufacturing culture, and the desire to do things well. The company’s prerogative is to represent true quality in every garment.

Luisa Spagnoli offers collections with a vast assortment, color and size variety, interchangeability, and great value for money. The outfits blend into a combination suitable for any occasion, catering to the tastes of a large and varied public.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Fashion and Accessories

The Brand’s collections unite women of various personalities and lifestyles, who all seek real elegance and refined, timeless style. Luisa Spagnoli is a brand that maintains its focus on the future, constantly aligned with fashion and market changes.

Luisa Spagnoli’s garments are the result of a mix of tradition and innovation, local culture, and international vision. The brand values quality, attention to detail, and sartorial finishes that add femininity and style to each garment.

A Perfect Complement to Your Wardrobe

Luisa Spagnoli’s accessories are crafted with select materials and local artisans, creating unique pieces to enhance any outfit. They complement the clothing collections and exude elegance.

In a dazzling debut into the eyewear industry, Luisa Spagnoli presents a chic and feminine collection, entirely Made in Italy. Luisa Spagnoli’s sunglasses collection, crafted by Nicola Barbarani, pays homage to past fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo. The collection features high-quality materials and various colors and styles.

Discovering the Timeless Elegance of Luisa Spagnoli: A Legacy of Quality and Style

Luisa Spagnoli has 200+ boutiques globally, known for exceptional product quality and attentive staff. It captivates women with its unique style, established in 1940, and embodies the cosmopolitan woman’s essence through its advertising campaigns.

Luisa Spagnoli Accessories

Kate Middleton is an icon of modern elegance and wears Luisa Spagnoli’s collections on formal and informal occasions. She became an influential ambassador for the brand. Her patronage has enabled the brand to expand its reach into new markets and gain recognition around the world.

Immersive and Engaging: Luisa Spagnoli’s Digital Presence

Luisa Spagnoli’s digital and physical boutiques are immersive experiences with over a million annual visitors. Social media channels build awareness and trust with the community, sharing engaging content about collections and style.

Luisa Spagnoli uses unconventional communication channels, such as a two-part fiction based on its founder’s story. This project spread the brand’s image and philosophy domestically and internationally through partnerships with major entertainment industry players, including Netflix. The series cements Luisa Spagnoli’s status as a fashion powerhouse with a vision beyond the runway.

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