Lighten the Winter Blues

Doha Festival City gives you excellent ideas to make your house feel cosy and bright to have your hang-out space well-lit. To make up for the shortened daylight hours, you should surely boost your lighting plan. Jasmine Floor Lamp with natural duck feathers will make a striking impression in any room. The Fiona Mirror features a wreath of twigs and leaves frame that provides an eye-catching autumn aesthetic and can be hung on walls next to huge windows to reflect more of those priceless rays. With a polished brass accent, Odessa Crystal Table Lamp is easily transportable and can be moved out of the way when necessary.

You can buy all these beautiful accessories from West Elm and The One at your place, your choice, Doha Festival City. Coenbell Pendant Light by ACE is expertly woven with natural rattan to add a bohemian charm and warmth to the room.

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