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Lichi fashion brand presents a special Modest Collection for women.

Recently, we have seen a special interest in Modest Fashion from the world community. Modest clothing collections are produced not only by local middle eastern brands, but also by world-famous European fashion houses, thereby spreading the cultural values and heritage of the East everywhere.

The rapid success of such companies indicates the genuine needs of women in clothes that delicately and with dignity present beauty.

The Lichi design bureau, which has 12 years of experience in brand development in European countries, brings its own special look to the wardrobe of a middle eastern woman. This is an interesting combination of the most current fashion trends from the world’s catwalks with centuries of tradition. Designers delicately implement trends into modest and humble looks, and the result is worth it. Lush feathers, rhinestones, shining fabrics – each of the Lichi designs reflects a bright, unique personality.

The First Modest Collection was designed with the needs of a modern woman in mind. The central place is occupied, of course, by dresses, which are the hallmark of the brand. There are both traditional-closed models with capes, which are played with bright satin design and intriguing details and more secular looks that emphasize the silhouette of the owner.

The collection is complemented by spectacular monochrome sets with skirts, trousers and blouses in calm natural tones. Each item has an original detail that deserves a closer look.

An up–to-date color palette, a variety of styles and fresh design techniques – the Modest collection is interesting for both local residents and visitors to the city to explore. It is easy to create a complete wardrobe for all occasions or create a brilliant look for a party.

Bolder designs and European looks are presented in the main Lichi collection, which can also be found both in the store and on the official website.

About Lichi

Lichi is an international brand of women’s clothing and accessories, founded in 2012. The design office is located in Frankfurt am Main, the very heart of Europe. The brand implements a modern look at elegance and comfort in its collections. Rethinking trends, Lichi creates its own design to emphasize the uniqueness of each girl. Weekly new arrivals allow customers to follow current trends and implement them in their wardrobe in a timely manner.

Lichi has a chain of stores in 6 countries, as well as a convenient online store with worldwide delivery. The brand is also widely known on social networks, where it has an audience of more than 2 million subscribers.

Today, Lichi is actively developing its business in the MENA region: the brand has successfully launched stores in the UAE (Dubai), Qatar (Doha) and is already preparing the next openings. (

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