Lacoste Unveils Three New Lines of Tracksuits

Doha Festival City is excited to join in the celebration of Lacoste’s 90th anniversary this year. As part of the festivities, we are thrilled to showcase three new lines of tracksuits that perfectly capture the brand’s signature sporting elegance.

The Tracksuit, a true Lacoste Icon

A particular era displays the symbol of elegance and belonging. The Lacoste tracksuit came about on the tennis courts of Roland Garros. Worn by the players before and after matches, it was synonymous with performance. Season after season, we included it in our wardrobes, and today we wear it as an everyday uniform. Versatile and always on the move, it is, more than ever, an icon that transcends cultures and generations and an emblem that has brought together communities worldwide over the years.

The New Styles

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Lacoste is rethinking its entire tracksuit offering. ParisSportsuit and Jogger are three styles that inspire today’s generations while reviving yesterday’s heritage. Lacoste brought together new products and re-editions around a common thread. These multi-faceted pieces, with meticulous detailing, echo true French sporting elegance.

The Paris – The ‘tennis chic’ look that appeared in the 1970s gets an injection of timeless elegance for 2023 through codes inherited from the past, such as piping details, well-fitted cuts and, of course, the brand’s famous white tone. Straight pants and zipped jackets compose this mixed wardrobe, fashioning it as a modern suit.

The Sportsuit– Influenced by the flamboyance of Roland Garros in the 80s, and tennis champion Guy Forget, this style is elaborated in ultra-light, loose-fitting taffeta. In addition to on-court models, off-court versions are available for all genders.

The Jogger – Thick cotton, an impeccable fit, seamless detailing: firmly rooted in its time, this tracksuit comes in a range of natural colors. Sweatshirts and pants to match and mismatch create a silhouette to wear with more structured pieces for a city look.

A Family Of Iconic Ambassadors

In Nice Lacoste brought together an emblematic cast that showcased, in short videos, the new Lacoste tracksuits. Novak Djokovic, Garance Marillier, Pablo Andujar, Ysaora Thibus, Sami Outalbali, and Salif Gueye each style, in their own way. With shared values of excellence, respect and camaraderie, each ambassador wears the uniform with pride. 

Lacoste’s new collection is now available at Doha Festival City.

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