Homeware Accessories by Karaca

Karaca Fine Pearl Collection and More

Fine Pearl Breakfast and Dinnerware Collection. Experience the epitome of opulence with Karaca Fine Pearl Breakfast and Dinnerware Collection, the first and only dining set made of real pearls. Indulge in the elegance and prestige of dining with this exquisite collection that exudes luxury and refinement.

Karaca Bio granite Cookware

Bio granite Cookware by Karaca

Discover a healthier way of cooking with Biogranite Cookware, available in different shades and sets. These non-stick marvels offer exceptional performance while minimizing the use of oil and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Prepare meals with ease, knowing that your cookware is as good for you as the food it cooks.

Karaca Caysever Smart Tea Pot

Caysever Smart Tea Pot Machine by Karaca

Elevate your tea brewing experience with Karaca’s Smart Tea Pot. This intelligent marvel combines precise temperature control, brewing time settings, and other innovative features to ensure you achieve the perfect cup of tea every time, even making it possible to control the tea maker from your mobile device. Explore more at Karaca in Doha Festival City.

Funday Waffle Maker

Funday Waffle Maker by Karaca

Delight in the joys of creating delicious waffles and Kunafa with Funday Waffle Maker. This versatile appliance not only lets you prepare delectable waffles but is also customisable to purchase moulds for preparing Kunafa, providing a fun and entertaining experience for kids and adults alike.

Miniature Cookplus Candy Maker

Miniature Cookplus Candy Maker by Karaca

Add a touch of sweetness to your upcoming parties, events, and weekends with Cookplus. Create fluffy and delightful candy floss at home, bringing the carnival atmosphere right to your fingertips.

Cake Moulds

Cake Moulds Karaca

Unleash your creativity with elegant and unique cake moulds. These moulds allow you to prepare cakes in exquisite shapes, turning your baking creations into stunning works of art that are sure to impress, discover more options in the bakery section at Karaca store.

Mastermaid Mixer

Mastermaid Mixer

With multifunctional capabilities, this powerful appliance replaces conventional preparation methods, simplifying your cooking and baking processes while delivering exceptional results. Available in different shades to match your kitchen décor.

Karaca Butterfly Cake Set

Butterfly Cake Set

Complete your culinary presentation with our Butterfly Cake Set. Designed for elegant serving, this set adds a touch of sophistication to your dessert display.

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