Honey Bandages at the Origin of Abeille Royale: Visionary Skincare with a Legendary Inspiration

Guerlain celebrates the opening of its new and unique boutique in Doha Festival City, where guests can immerse into a premium Guerlain experience. The new flagship boutique has been designed to create an exquisite customer experience, highlighting the Maison’s most precious creations from High Perfumery to High cosmetics. Customers will get to discover and try products in dedicated private lounges where their Guerlain journey begins with tailor-made consultations to find their fragrance and their beauty routine. Customers will learn the Art of Guerlain gestures during dedicated Masterclasses or bespoke facial treatments in the boutique’s Facialist Suites.

Customers can also rediscover Guerlain’s legendary Abeille Royale collection with the newly relaunched creams at the newly opened boutique in Doha Festival City.

From Ancient Honey Bandages to Modern Age-Defying Elixir: The Birth of Guerlain Abeille Royale

At the genesis of Guerlain Abeille Royale lies an ancient treatment: honey bandages. Known for its healing properties, honey has bandaged Man’s wounds since the dawn of time. Historic, universal and visionary in one, honey bandages were the original inspiration for Abeille Royale.

Their legendary efficacy inherited from Antiquity has continued to intrigue the medical profession, which has scientifically proven their healing efficacy on the most stubborn wounds. Honey naturally mobilises collagen fibres, which allow the skin’s matrix to rebuild itself around the wound. This has enthralled Guerlain researchers since 2010. On their path to knowledge, a decisive encounter: their meeting with Professor Descottes, then-head of the visceral surgery and transplantation department at Limoges Teaching Hospital, a pioneer in honey-based healing methods, who for 25 years has clinically demonstrated the medical efficacy of honey bandages on almost 3,000 patients who did not respond to standard treatments.

Since then, Guerlain research’s significant and visionary intuition has been at work. Doctor Frédéric Bonté confirmed and demonstrated that the processes for healing and repairing the signs of ageing share common tissue reconstruction mechanisms. Based on this major scientific discovery, Guerlain research laid the foundations of a High-Performance age-defying line formulated around this gift of nature, an elixir of youth: honey. Abeille Royale was born.

The Honey Treatment Creams, T.I.M.E Clinical Inspiration, Reinvented Age-Defying Care

Epidermal healing mechanisms using honey bandages lie at the root of Guerlain’s inspiration. Honey naturally remobilises the collagen fibres in skin, enabling optimal skin repair. It is a therapeutic treasure boasting quadruple performance on the four key stages of epidermal healing, defined by the medical profession using the acronym T.I.M.E:

– T or TISSUE NECROSIS REMOVAL, 1st stage: Successful healing requires the removal of dead cells. The invaluable osmotic power of concentrated honey rids skin of necrosed cells and smooths the skin.

– I or INFLAMMATION SOOTHING, 2nd stage: As skin is inflamed, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey’s polyphenols help to restore a stable microenvironment and provide comfort.

– M or MOISTURE LOCK-IN, 3rd stage: Following inflammation relief, skin must recover an optimal state of hydration. Honey’s unique viscosity maintains an ideal moisture level and accelerates repair.

– E or EPIDERMISATION, 4th stage: Final stage in the healing process, which consists in filling in skin from the wound’s edges. Honey’s nutrients encourage the repair process to give a new supple and elastic epidermis.

Based on these clinical observations, in 2023 Guerlain research has created two new products that mark a decisive age-defying advance. Two skincare products acting on visible signs of collagen loss (wrinkles, lack of firmness), inspired by medical-use honey bandages and the T.I.M.E. clinical protocol. A concentrate of science and expertise, Honey Treatment Day and Night creams make up Guerlain’s new anti-ageing programme that creates the ideal environment for reducing the visible signs of ageing.

Dynamic BlackBee Repair Technology Combined with Two Cutting-Edge Ingredients, Amplified Youth Correction

The performance of this High-Tech skincare duo relies on the Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology, exclusively created by Guerlain’s researchers.

Pioneering and inspired by neuroscience, it concentrates the most powerful active ingredients from the hive chosen by Guerlain research: the legendary Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island, an exclusive royal jelly, and three other honeys from islands with unspoilt environments (Corsica in France, Ikaria in Greece and Åland in Finland). This blend mobilises skin’s collagen system and amplifies its natural self-repair mechanisms: it triples the capacity for connections between epidermal nerve cells and skin cells for a repairing efficacy boosted by 47% in 24 hours and stimulates Collagen I and III synthesis by 158% and 77% respectively, for advanced correction of the signs of youth.

Honey Treatment Day Expert Youth Protection and Radiance Cream

At the heart of Honey Treatment Day Cream’s High-Performance formulation lies the legendary Ouessant honey. On this island nestled in the Iroise Sea, Guerlain has identified a honey of exceptional quality, rich in precious polyphenols and amino acids. This natural setting, a protected UNESCO-listed ecosystem, is a sanctuary for black bees, which produce a real elixir of youth. This singular species is one of the few to provide a honey whose properties halt the deterioration of the protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. Inspired by honey bandages, the Day Cream helps to create a youth-protecting mesh.

Honey Treatment Beauty Treatments, Amplified Age-Defying Performance

The Honey Treatment Day and Night protocol is a unique system that takes action on the visible signs of collagen loss. Two age-defying high-end beauty marvels make it up, and their ingredients revitalize tissue damaged by ageing and revive the freshness and quality of the complexion. A rejuvenating action capable of reversing the visible signs of time.

The Day Cream acts from the very first application to create a skin structure and texture that appear transformed. There is an immediate shaping effect. Day after day, skin seems strengthened, firmed and smoothed. After one month, skin is 98% smoother. The complexion is more luminous, skin texture refined, and the face looks visibly younger. As the days go by, the youthful markers and structures of the epidermis are amplified.

After 7 days, dermatologically proven efficacy:




After 1 month, four visible signs of collagen loss are corrected:

+57% Firmness

-48% Wrinkles

+98% Smoothness

+63% Radiance

A Sensory Feat Inspired by Honey Bandages

A triple cosmetic feat, the new Honey Treatment Day and Night skincare products are the ideal blend of sensory delight, naturalness and efficacy. This treatment protocol at the cutting edge of the latest scientific advances offers an experience with a rare sensory pleasure and guarantees naturalness with over 94% naturally-derived ingredients, for unequalled correction of the visible signs of ageing from Guerlain.

The two creams’ galenic form is inspired by honey bandages: the youth-repairing active ingredients are diffused and as if sealed at the heart of the epidermis. Their mesh-effect textures have been designed to offer skin both the ultimate in comfort and an enveloping, protective feeling. This creates a bandage-like effect.

The night cream’s texture is voluptuous and generous. With a silky smooth sensuality, it becomes one with skin, offering the comforting caress of a balm during sleep. From the moment of application, skin experiences a deep feeling of comfort and its elasticity is improved.

The supple, ultra-shaping day cream melts deliciously over skin, enveloping it in a protective mesh thanks to its tensing effect. It becomes imperceptible as soon as it is applied, leaving a silky, velvety finish. Enjoying an instant radiance boost, skin is strengthened, fresh and luminous. 

The ultra-sensory pleasure of this Guerlain skincare duo also lies in the fragrance experience that its provides. Its fresh and delicately honeyed notes, composed by the House’s Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser, contribute to the plenitude of the moment.

A Luxurious and Refillable Jar, Actions for a more Sustainable World

Guerlain acts to protect the wonders of Nature in its commitment to a more responsible world, deeply wishing to pass its marvels to future generations, using the Bee as a sentinel. Since 2016, they have designed the Abeille Royale Creams’ jars as precious containers. With a will to adopting an increasingly virtuous approach, in 2023 Guerlain is pushing back the boundaries of sophistication and its eco-design approach even further to encapsulate the Honey Treatment skincare, carefully designed from a sustainability and eco-responsibility perspective to minimise the impact on our planet.

For the first time, each of the jars in this High Repair duo is refillable. Designed in glass, they consist of at least 20% and up to 40% recycled glass. This environmental approach also shows in using half the amount of glass than the 2016 generation of creams. This is a real technological achievement that ensures the glass’s strength despite its reduced weight and thinner material. Moreover, the box’s volume has been optimally adjusted to retain only the necessary packaging. Each of these actions allows a 36% reduction in the Honey Treatment creams’ carbon footprint compared to their first generation.

Analysis of the life cycle of Guerlain creams: comparison of the CO2 equivalents provided by the new packaging and its refill compared to two first-generation packaging items, calculated using the life cycle analysis method. The evaluation takes into account the nature of the materials, the origin and manufacturing process for the components, their transport, packaging and the transport of the end product and its end of life.

The Supremely Effective Expert Ritual

The unique combination of Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams with Youth Watery Oil, Double R Renew and Repair Advanced Serum and Double R Eye Serum forms a miraculous ritual, which concentrates boundless power at the heart of the epidermis’ youthful structures. Thanks to the age-defying performance of each of the products, this expert programme from Guerlain delivers advanced repair of all the visible signs of ageing.

Discover Abeille Royale at Guerlain’s newly opened boutique in Doha Festival City, and immerse yourself into a premium Guerlain experience, holding almost 200 years of history, heritage, art, and know-how.

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