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Doha Festival City

Hub of Cultural Diversity

A mall that features good food, a comfortable shopping experience, and festive togetherness.

Doha Festival City  gives you a real feeling of, “Your Place Your Choice” for a reason. Carrying over 550 brands from around the globe, our mall represents the best retail brands across the world. We are offering fabulous shopping experiences with new eateries and revamped stores. By giving you a home away from home, we give you all the reasons to visit the mall for a memorable and flavourful experience because #FestivalCares.

Home is where the heart is and truly Doha Festival City has encapsulated your hearts and minds with women, children, and men’s fashion, homeware, jewellery, hypermarket, health and beauty services, tech and electronics, and fitness all made available by a carefully handpicked selection of retailers. Doha Festival City has one of the  largest number of global brands and the highest relevance and visibility among our local competitors. Our one-of-a-kind magazine which is a unique digital asset, jam-packed with creative content, highlights the season’s trends, jewellery and fragrance selections, best buys for the family, fashion updates, and much more.

Doha Festival City is designed as a lifestyle destination featuring the most well-known brands, ranging from fashion, and home décor to dining experiences.

Doha Festival City makes any illustrious brand you can imagine easily accessible at your convenience. The mall’s multicultural environment makes it particularly hospitable. The people of Qatar, particularly the locals, are renowned for being extraordinarily hospitable and helpful. They are always very welcoming to visitors and like to introduce them to their traditions and culture. Qataris are very proud of their identity and always strive to showcase it. When you arrive, you will be greeted by kind smiles from everyone, which will instantly make you feel at home.

Our prime location certifies convenience for visitors as a highly accessible and convenient destination. Doha Festival City was designed bearing the challenges and aspirations of the 21st century in mind. The mall’s design and layout are an excellent example of the integration of innovative planning and contemporary architecture infused with an exuberantly luxurious style. Employing the most modern take on architecture, the sheer design, and shape of the building is a sight to behold.

Doha Festival City- Instilling Cultural Legacy

Doha Festival City has a thorough realisation that the flow of tourism and the rising purchasing power of multicultural consumers have all contributed to demographic shifts. As a result, we cater to a greater demand for fashion products in a wider range of patterns and colours to be available in the mall. Talking in terms of Arabic fashion, we offer a fabulous variety of Arab garments which are as much of a fashion statement, as they are in the West.

We have six Arabian fashion stores with a large versatility of fits, colours, and types of embellishments. A number of multicultural fashion stores are available displaying a wide assortment of Women, Men, and Children’s fashion and Sportswear. When it comes to American, European, and Asian brands, the international mall of choice doesn’t disappoint either. Italian brand Aura and Napapijri, American Eagle and Armani Exchange with origins from the USA, Dutch apparel Scotch & Soda, LC Waikiki by France, and Korean brands Mumuso and Ximi Vogue are a few names to mention from the many multicultural stores the mall of choice has to offer. Doha Festival City is a complete fashion destination that represents not only quality but also the best price varieties.

Doha Festival City as a Global Dome

Doha Festival City has recognised the value of diversifying and segmenting its traditional offerings based on various cultures .Our mall offers an extensive variety of designer handbags, shoes, watches, eyeglasses, and other fashion items from various continents, namely North America, America, and Europe. There are also several Asian and Arab brands available, presenting a wide range of variations.

In terms of beauty and skincare, you won’t be landing here in disappointment. We have an exclusive collection of cosmetics and skin care products. There is a high number of European, North American, and South American brands like Bobbi Brown and Sephora are located at Doha Festival City along with Turkish Flormar, Karisma Cosmetics, Luxury Signature from Qatar, and South Korean The Face Shop which offers makeup, cosmetics, and hair care products available in a variety of colours, tones, and types to meet market demands and expectations at your own place, Doha Festival City.

We are also home to many unique homeware and accessory brands, including internationally famous European names like Netherland-based IKEA, H&M from Sweden, UK-based ACE and Marks & Spencer, USA’s West Elm, Bernhardt, Pottery Barn, and H&M. Eggo Kitchen House from Belgium, German manufacturer Villeroy & Boch. Minimalist Japanese retail company MUJI is representing the Asian country. From the Arabian Gulf notably, we can talk about Qatar-based Tansy Mattress, That’s Living Kids from a Qatari pioneer, Ambiance Furniture and Home Centre, and Lebanon-based Antoine Karam House Linen is offering stylish furniture, home decor, and more at affordable prices.

Gathering Cultures with Cuisines

Doha Festival City is welcoming all visitors with multiple dining options that can easily be your choice for a go-to breakfast place, lunch break, or dinner spot. Passing by our cafes, you will be spellbound with aromatic scents wafting into the corridor and the inviting atmosphere and desserts on display to charm your sweet tooth. Take our recommendation and do try the tempting food with your favourite beverage blends at more than 100 + restaurants and cafes available within the premises. We provide a broad variety of options in our food courts, delivering an ultimate multicultural culinary experience.

At Doha Festival City, we have a diversified range of authentic European cuisines too, for example, Italian brand Eataly, Aimee’s Café from France, Neuhaus from Belgium, and Five Guys from America are some of the renowned names. For those who prefer cuisine from the far east, Japanese outlet Wagamama and Maki, India-based Ashas provides nutritious Asian food. Karafirin satisfies your sweet & savoury cravings with a Turkish menu. Talking about the Middle East, Café Coco, Maia Coffee & Chocolate, and Moo offer the perfect blend of multiculturalism in their menu.

Doha Festival City- Home of International Entertainment

With world-class entertainment, we are home to unique attractions, such as the VOX 4D cinema complex, the first Angry Birds World in the Middle East, Virtuocity an immersive digital experience alongside outdoor fitness spaces, and Snow Dunes Qatar’s first indoor snow park. Doha Festival City has introduced a whole range of rides and attractions for the entire family.  Our theme parks have a variety of food outlets and retail shops in addition to the activities where the most memorable family moments occur. Along with that, edutainment activities, birthday venues, VIP rooms, and a host of attractions engage and entertain everyone present at our fun-filled destinations. It’s the place where kids can live their biggest adventures while the fathers can enjoy the activities around, and the mothers do some retail therapy.

Doha Festival City is a refreshing getaway to a whole new world of experiential entertainment. With a full-scale indoor snow park, fun slides, slopes, a carousel, virtual reality gaming arenas, full-motion racing simulators, escape rooms, and an astonishing multipurpose eSports arena. Along with them, the fun will never end. Join us with your family and friends at your own place which brings innovation, amusement, and excitement for all ages under one roof.

A Place For Everyone

We continue to regain as Qatar’s one-stop lifestyle hub and gateway to new stores, franchises, and food outlets, giving you more reason to visit the country’s top-notch destination. Doha Festival City has evolved into a haven to cherish deep-rooted relationships and bonds of togetherness. We encapsulate our visitors’ attention through fantastic food, fashion, and fun with more variety, textures, layers, gifts, discounts, and other incentives. Whether it’s on-point seasonal collections, beauty offerings, or fiesta indulgences, Doha Festival City has everything for everyone. Our mall is a one-stop shopping hub that not only gives you an exquisite shopping experience but also offers a surfeit of delectable eateries and entertainment bundles to make your visit memorable and unforgettable.