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Hello Winter: Celebrating Change the PG Way

Winter has descended upon us, not with a silent whisper, but with a flourish of colors, vibrancy, and an ode to artistry that can only be found at Doha Festival City. The latest collection, showcased at Doha Festival City, is a celebration of change and the familiar comforts of winter. But here’s the twist: we’ve artfully steered clear of winter fashion stereotypes, offering something fresh, unique, and decidedly PG.

Brushstrokes & Patchwork with PG Collection

Gone are the days of predictable prints. At PG, winter looks like art. The designs mimic the soft strokes of a paintbrush, and our playful patchworks see PGs being seamlessly integrated with an array of colors and sizes. This isn’t just a collection; it’s an art gallery.

The Origami Influence

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes, inspires us. It’s the foundation of our accessory range and is now a part of our quilting technique – the PG exclusive, “Pop”. The influence doesn’t stop at accessories. The intricate folds and creases leap onto faux leather, neoprene, and other high-tech fabrics.

Comfort Meets Lightness

If winter brings the cold, PG brings the warmth. However, we don’t compromise on weight. Our winter materials wrap you in comfort, but they are extraordinarily light, ensuring you move with ease, even as temperatures drop.

Cubes Take Center Stage with PG

The geometrically pleasing cube is our star this season:

  • Choco: A tasteful geometric design that simulates the rich ounces of a chocolate bar. It’s not just about the hues but the mood.
  • Denim Cubes: Reviving the classic with a fresh take, presenting beige and brown checks, adding that urbane sophistication.
  • Homenaje Acolchado: This is cube artistry at its finest. The Stamp quilted leather bears its signature shape with pride.
  • Soho: Inspired by the bustling streets of New York’s iconic neighborhood, the Soho range highlights the “Pop” quilting technique, bringing city chic straight to your wardrobe.

In embracing winter, we’ve chosen to celebrate change – the changing colors, fabrics, and designs. But amidst all the newness, our ethos remains consistent. It’s all about the PG state of mind: bold, artistic, and timeless.

So, as the chill sets in, and the world transforms into a winter wonderland, remember, with PG, you’re not just wearing fashion; you’re wearing art. Hello Winter! We’re ready. Are you?

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