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Gift Shed: With love, from Qatar to Qatar

Gift Shed was born out of a passion to craft meaningful memories through the art of gifting.

After six years in the market, we are proud to have grown into the go-to place to find one-of-a-kind presents. Our collections began as small, exclusively, and carefully curated selections. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our reach to connect with a diverse range of international suppliers.

Designed in Qatar—our store draws inspiration locally.

As a part of our drive to provide our customers with unique and attractive products, Gift Shed’s Design Studio creates and develops collections designed for Qatar and with Qatar in mind.

Our team of professionals conceptualises and brings to the drawing board designs that resonate with local culture and are tailored to size to local needs.

We are part of Qatar and we aim to support Qatar’s economy and creations.

At Gift Shed, whenever possible, our collections are produced within the country. This allows us to create product collections throughly infused in the community from which they stem Local beauty, local creations

As a part of our drive to support local design, Gift Shed is proud to introduce it’s sister brand: Dalu—a brand dedicated exclusively to support and promote independent local artists, designers, and artisans. Dalu’s main focus is collaboration, and has developed ranges of products and collections—commercially and artisanally—highlighting and exposing the vast pool of local talent to audiences inside and outside of the country.

At Gift Shed, we are passionate about inspiring people and becoming part of their gifting journey by offering an array of quality gifting products that capture the region’s heritage in a fresh and contemporary way.

We believe gifting is storytelling. We understand the importance of culture, which has made it our focus to create items that resonate deeply with our customers— our products are not just objects, they are moment makers.

Gift Shed is more than just a store—it’s a celebration of Qatar’s rich culture and a tribute to the art of gifting. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or simply seeking inspiration, let Gift Shed be your destination. Join us in spreading happiness one gift at a time. Plan your visit to Gift Shed today!

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