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Furla Introduces the Cruise 2024 Advertising Campaign “Vita a Palazzo”

Furla unveils “Vita a Palazzo”: the new Cruise 2024 Campaign. Paintings, tapestries, inlaid floors, and marble columns make up a Renaissance Palace, exhibiting a classic Italian tradition of craftsmanship and experimentation that is at the core of the Furla world.

Shot by photographer Paolo Zambaldi, the models personify the Furla woman with a contemporary attitude, switching between simplicity and a slight extravagance in a setting that plays with light and sparkles with mirrors.

The campaign is a representation of equilibrium – a state of rest, smooth balance, a place of life, contemplation, and beauty. Focusing on shapes and colors, art and craft, design and function, timeliness and timelessness that express the Italian Renaissance equipoise.

Furla’s key bags are reimagined in the world of “Vita a Palazzo”: the red of the new Furla 1927 Wave takes inspiration from draped robes; the blue of the Furla Opportunity in jacquard fabric stands for the skies of naturalistic frescoes; the delicate white of the Furla Flow comes from the marble that decorates the palaces, while the fresh distinctive geometrical shape of the new Furla Metropolis Prisma emulates the Renaissance’s architectural flair.

The Cruise 2024 collection is now available at Furla in Doha Festival City.

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