Experience the Spices of India: An Exotic & Innovative Culinary Journey at Asha’s

The world-renowned Asha Bhosle, the legendary Indian artiste who heralds from India’s first family of music, with her own unique and distinctive voice, has translated her second passion in life into the latest concept of cooking to hit the culinary scene.

Experience at Asha’s a fresh and exotic innovative style of an Indian restaurant, combining traditional Northwestern cuisine, Indian home style cooking and new age fusion selection. Enjoy the succulent meats flavored with authentic herbs and spices to delight your appetite, and the tantalizing refreshing cocktails that await you. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, authentic uniforms feature while a contemporary design creates a vibrant atmosphere without losing the warmth, charm, love, and richness of India.

Join us at Asha’s for an outstanding appeal, be thrilled with the exquisite layout of the restaurant that will showcase both Asha’s own sense of traditions, music, style, and love of her homeland’s mystique.

This truly is a restaurant to behold – just as Asha and her exceptional style of music.

Asha’s Iftar & Suhoor gathering menu that serves 6-8 people and perfect for sharing:


  • Your choice of Soup: Chicken or Lentil
  • One portion of Grills: Chicken or Vegetarian
  • Your choice of Curry: Chicken or Vegetarian
  • Your choice of Biryani: Chicken or Vegetarian
  • 1 Bottle of Water (Still/Sparkling)
  • 2 Butter Naan


  • Your choice of two Soup: Chicken or Lentil
  • One portion of Mixed Samosa Selection
  • Specialty Kebab Platter or Vegetarian Kebab Platter
  • Your choice of two Curries: Chicken or Vegetarian
  • Your choice of two Biryanis: Chicken or Vegetarian
  • 2 Bottles of Water (Still/Sparkling)
  • 4 Butter Naan
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