EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury and Jourdan Dunn Unveil Hollywood Glamour in Pinks & Reds Collection: A Cinematic Red-Carpet Transformation

In this exclusive interview, Charlotte Tilbury and Jourdan Dunn reveal the magic behind their glamorous Pinks & Reds collection, blending Hollywood’s classic allure with modern elegance. Charlotte shares how her long-standing relationship with Jourdan, a muse for several of her iconic campaigns, inspired their partnership on this vibrant collection. She dives into the creative journey, highlighting how Hollywood’s iconic beauty influenced the collection’s development, aiming to make everyone feel like a star.

Jourdan’s influence shines through in the selection of standout shades, particularly the ‘cinematic red,’ designed to embody her confidence and global appeal. Charlotte emphasizes the collection’s universal appeal, crafted to be accessible and flattering for all. The duo’s collaboration brings to life a range of lipsticks that promise to empower users, drawing on the transformative power of makeup. Through this project, they hope to inspire confidence and beauty, making the Pinks & Reds collection a testament to their vision of accessible glamour for every age and skin tone.

How did the collaboration with Jourdan Dunn come about, and what inspired you to partner with her for the Pinks & Reds product launch?

Darlings, I’ve known Jourdan since she was a teenager and we’ve worked together countless times!
She was the face of my super nudes and beautiful skin foundation launches, and my iconic pillow talk party campaign. She’s one of my go-to beauty muses!
Just like the most mesmerising silver screen stars of hollywood’s golden age, Jourdan has this incredible hypnotic beauty. So I knew she had to be part of this collection!!

Can you share some insights into the creative process behind developing the Pinks & Reds collection? What were the key elements and inspirations that shaped the products?

Darlings, I’ve always been inspired by hollywood icons past and present. I wanted to bottle and share the beauty secrets of all these screen sirens and supermodels, so everyone, everywhere could feel like a hollywood star!!

They’re now my world-famous hollywood beauty icons, loved for their smoothing, blurring and lifting effects!! They mimic the way cameras and filters map the skin and redirect light to the most flattering points of your face!!

So I thought, let’s bring everyone, everywhere, the hollywood effect for your lips!!

I spent years analysing the colours, curves and contours of hollywood’s most iconic pouts!!

It’s all about the light-diffusion, the overlining, the soft contours! I bottled those red carpet secrets into my revolutionary formulas to create the ultimate collection of 10 new! Super-flattering, contour-effect lipsticks. They’re easy-to-choose easy-to-use, and give everyone star power in seconds!!

In what ways do you think Jourdan Dunn’s unique perspective and style influenced the design and selection of products in the Pinks & Reds collection?

Jourdan is one of the most iconic beauty faces of the modern red-carpet era! I knew I had to create a head-turning shade that would embody her global superstar power and confidence. Darling, I call it ‘cinematic red’!!
Using my genius pigment scale, I’ve blended the most flattering, beautifying nuanced red shade, infused with hollywood 3d-effect red pigments that define the contours of your lips!! It’s a bright cinematic cherry red for cinematic lips!
And darlings, Jourdan loves wearing it on the red carpet!!

How do you envision the Pinks & Reds collection contributing to your overall mission of making transformative makeup accessible to everyone at every age?

Darlings, I always work with my expert scientists to create makeup magic that is super-forgiving and suits every skin tone and age!!
What I love about my new hollywood beauty icon lipsticks is that they blend and stretch effortlessly over the lips without bleeding onto outer lines!

The smudge-proof grippability smooths fine lines, and when teamed with my long-lasting lip cheats, they do not move!!

Can you highlight some of the standout features or innovations in the Pinks & Reds collection that set it apart from other products in the beauty industry?

Darlings, I’ve worked with my expert scientists and globally disrupting innovation labs to bottle the beauty secrets of hollywood lip architecture into my revolutionary formulas to create radiant red-carpet pouts!

It’s a combination of my hollywood makeup artistry genius pigment scale, with perfect pink and red shades for every skin tone!

My hollywood cinematic 3d light architect beautifying filters, with light-diffusing, light-reflecting effects that make lips look smooth, fuller, wider and hydrated – we don’t do dry lips, darlings!

My easy-to-wear textures – a flawless formula of wax and oils that glide on effortlessly!

My super-flattering contour effect, with 3d crystal pigments that play with the light and dance between your lipstick and gloss, enhancing the contours!

And my contour-effect square-shaped lipstick tips that naturally form a more defined lip – you can apply straight from the bullet!

What was the most rewarding aspect of collaborating with Jourdan Dunn on this project, and how do you believe her influence will resonate with consumers?

Darlings, I created this collection in homage to hollywood’s most famous beauty icons, past and present!

Which is why I brought together some of my most mesmerising beauty muses of the modern red-carpet era!

Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, Michaela Jae Rodriguez and all my other dazzling beauty muses are the perfect stars to help me celebrate the iconic, transformative power of lipstick and inspire everyone, everywhere to discover their inner hollywood icon!!

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. How do you stay ahead of trends and continue to revolutionize the face of the global beauty industry with each new product launch?

Darlings, I’m obsessed with beauty innovation – finding out what people want, and what’s missing from the market!
Once I know, I work with my expert scientists and labs to create it – even if it takes 20 years! We keep going until it’s perfect!!
My bottled hollywood beauty tricks have become viral, sell-out sensations! I’m known as the queen of trends darlings!!
And now my new hollywood beauty icon lipsticks are ready for their starring role! High quality, easy-to-choose, easy-to-use products that will bring everyone, everywhere, the hollywood effect instantly!!
And darlings, I’ve bottled all the latest pink and red trends – from balletcore to barbiecore, cherry cola to wine girl!

Given your emphasis on makeup that is easy to use, choose, and shop, how do you ensure that the Pinks & Reds collection aligns with these principles, particularly in terms of accessibility for a diverse range of consumers?

Darlings, I know how it can be so confusing to find your perfect shade, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people come to me after being mismatched by another brand!
So I wanted to create a collection that would give everyone a perfect, nuanced shade to empower and boost confidence – a hollywood-inspired lip for any mood, any moment, anywhere!!
All my new hollywood beauty icon lipsticks glide on seamlessly for super-easy application, creating an iconic long-lasting lip look with no feathering or transfer!
They’re easy-to-choose, easy-to-use, lip-transforming sensations!
And I’ve created a system that will tell you your perfect hollywood shade in under 60 seconds! It’s just 5 easy steps to reveal your perfect pink or red shade!!
You can access it on charlottetilbury.com or via my app!

Are there any particular makeup tricks or application techniques that you would recommend for getting the most out of the Pinks & Reds products?

Darlings, achieving an iconic, head-turning hollywood lip look is simple!

Start with my iconic lip cheat lip liner for a flawless, contoured base.

Glide on one of my show-stopping satin pink or matte red shades straight from the bullet.

Enhance your cupid’s bow with a touch more lip liner for a gorgeous rounded heart.

And that’s it! A flawless red carpet finish in seconds!!

What do you hope consumers will experience or feel when using the Pinks & Reds collection, and how does it embody your vision for helping everyone feel like the most beautiful version of themselves every day?

Darlings, above all, i want people to feel confident.

I always say, lipstick is instant star confidence in a tube! And it’s the inspiration behind my new wardrobe of super-flattering, contour-effect shades that reshape, resize and iconize your lips!!

I’ve bottled the hollywood beauty DNA of the biggest stars and supermodels, so everyone can look and feel confident and empowered every day and everywhere!

Doha Festival City is a vibrant destination, and the new collection is set to be the magazine cover for the Q1 issue. What excites you the most about being part of this project, and how do you see the fusion of fashion and beauty contributing to the cultural tapestry of Doha?

Darlings, I am so honoured to be featured in your magazine again, and for my mesmerising beauty muse Jourdan Dunn to be gracing your cover in her iconic ‘cinematic red’ shade from my new collection!!

I’m always inspired by the middle east! Arab women have such incredible makeup skills – they truly understand the transformative power of lipstick!!

You are all so passionate about fashion and beauty, I am constantly inspired by your flawless skin and head-turning red-carpet looks!

I can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with this new collection in the middle east!

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