Clarins Bright Plus Collection

Clarins Bright Plus: Flash Forward to Brighter Skin

Clarins’ brightening range’s success stems from a rare pairing: natural efficacy and visible results. It stands out from other brightening products in offering something unique. An innovative solution to reducing dark spots and dullness – caused by UV rays and pollution – using a powerful synergy of botanical know-how and breakthrough science. With their best-selling brightening serum and now, in 2023, cutting-edge Fresh Ampoule and Brightening Gel Cream, Clarins continues to push the boundaries of plant-based brightening and offer women better, faster and brighter solutions.

Botanically – Powered Innovation

With pollutants, UV rays and wearing of face masks for prolonged periods each day, the skin’s luminosity is constantly put to the test. Research provides a 2-fold botanical brightening solution targeting dullness and dark spots on and below the skin surface.

Clarins Bright Plus Serum – Clarins Best Selling Brightener

Clarins’ natural brightening innovation powers their lightweight serum to correct dark spots and dullness from UV rays, pollution, and blemishes. Skin looks brighter, more even and glows with a healthy luminosity. Fast-absorbing with a unique sensoriality, the serum also leaves skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. The easy-to-use dropper dispenses a customizable dose.

Clarins Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule Clinically Proven to Reduce the Look of Dark Spots in 7 Days

Clarins Bright Plus Ampoule Mechanism 2023

A first from Clarins, their new ampoule uses the latest in brightening tech. It’s powered by their natural brightening innovation and a unique Vitamin C complex, concentrated at 15%. This includes 10% of pure vitamin C – the gold standard in skin-brightening efficacy – and also the most instable. It rapidly loses its potency on contact with light, heat and oxygen.
Their smart fresh-mix packaging stabilizes this pure Vitamin C in powder form and keeps it separate, preserving its potency. Clarins has combined this pure powerhouse with derivative vitamin C, used expertly in their formulas and now for the 1st time, at a higher concentration: 5%. When the 2 come into contact, the Vitamin C complex activates the brightening essence.

New Results Every Week

Clarins Bright Plus Fiona 2023

The Bright Plus Fresh Ampoule is designed to be used consecutively as a 7-day brightening treatment and is specifically formulated to treat dullness, dark spots and uneven skin tone, caused by photo damage. Extending the ampoule programme to 14 and even 28 days, using a 2nd, 3rd and 4th ampoule offers optimal efficacy and progressively better results. In just 7 days, the ampoule reduces the look of dark spots.

Tested and Recommended
89% say skin looks brighter.
81% say it’s an efficient quick fix whenever skin needs it.
83% say it brightens skin after sun exposure.
88% would recommend it.
82% say it repairs and protects from photodamage and oxidation.

Clarins Bright Plus Moisturizing Gel Cream

Clarins Bright Plus Gel-Crème

Powered by Clarins’ natural brightening innovation, this new lightweight and refreshing mattifying gel cream helps reduce the look of dark spots and dullness, for an even skin tone and a healthy glow.

Tested and Recommended

93% say their skin’s clarity is improved.
98% say their complexion looks more even.
90% say their skin looks matte immediately.

Brightening Savoir – Faire Since 1996

Ongoing innovation is key to everything at Clarins. They encourage the brand to listen attentively to women, challenge them selves to adapt to their changing expectations and ensure that it incorporates the latest technologies and most effective ingredients. It’s why, for over 25 years, Clarins has been able to offer women the best formulas for brighter skin.

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