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Charlotte Tilbury Unveils Fragrance Collection of Emotions: A Journey Through Scent and Feeling

Introducing Charlotte Tilbury’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions: Crafted by world-renowned perfumers and backed by over 40 years of research, Tilbury shared her insights into her creative process and the transformative power of scent, inviting consumers to embark on a journey through the realms of emotion.


1What inspired you to create a fragrance collection centred around emotions, and why now?

  • Even as a teenager, I have always been fascinated by the invisible power of fragrance and captivated by its magical ability to unlock memories and emotions, and how it can mesmerise those around you!  I remember walking around the hippy markets of Ibiza and being entranced by the enchanting aromas of patchouli and frankincense. It has such a profound effect on everyone.
  • It’s the same power that skincare and makeup holds to build confidence and transform the way we feel. When I launched my 10 iconic looks 10 years ago, we gave people all over the world the chance to be whoever they want to be.
  • For fragrance, I wanted to create a range of perfumes with those same transformative powers.  I’ve always known instinctively and through years and years of studying it, that fragrance can help change how we feel! because it speaks to the primal part of our brain – the cabinet of emotions – I had to wait years for science to catch up with me!
  • Innovation and technology are at the very heart of my brand, and I always knew I wanted to embark on this spectacular, olfactive revolution in the beauty industry. 
  • My Fragrance Collection of Emotions is a new collection of fragrances with the power to unlock emotions! 
  • I have harnessed the expertise of world-renowned perfumers – some of the best noses in the world – cutting-edge technology, science, 40 years of research and the most extraordinary olfactive symphony of ingredients to create my most innovative fragrance collection ever! 
  • Our user trials have proven that my fragrance Collection of Emotions can enhance feelings of specific emotions and allow you to architect your dream day and night, elevating the art of fragrance! They can give us the tools we need to design and become the masters of our feelings, and therefore our days!

2- Can you share any insights into the creative process behind developing these unique fragrances?

  • When I began the creative process, it was the six universal feelings that came first, the emotions I knew I wanted to bottle: love, happiness, energy, serenity, empowerment, and irresistibility. I then shared my vision with some of the world’s greatest perfumers who are absolute legends in their own right.
  • I described my vision to them- the worlds, the memories, the fantasies, the dreams, and the feelings I wanted to bottle – then I worked with the perfumers, note by note, to explore the compositions and combinations of ingredients that would bring my vision to life. They were able to capture it all through the art of scent creation and science.

3- How do you envision consumers connecting with the emotions embodied in each fragrance within the collection?

  • These fragrances, like my makeup and skincare, are for everyone, everywhere! I wanted to give people the tools to design and become the masters of their day and boost their chosen mood! They’re like invisible superpowers to unlock six universal emotions – love, happiness, irresistibility, calm, energy, and empowerment!
  • In my years of study, I understood that when we feel emotions, different areas of the brain may respond, therefore creating patterns that can now be read thanks to incredible advances in neuroscience. I believe you can manifest and attract how you want to feel and cascade those feelings to those around you…isn’t that incredible?
  • In my world of beauty, my fragrance collection of emotions is the finishing touch, the invisible crown that completes your transformation and empowers you to conquer every day! They are like six invisible superpowers! I think consumers will connect with them very powerfully – just like time travellers you can influence your future or remember your past when you wear scent. I like to think of them as portals to other worlds, transporting you through different dimensions, to however you want to feel and whoever you want to be.

4- What sets this fragrance collection apart from others on the market, in terms of both concept and execution?

  • What sets this fragrance collection apart… darlings, so many things! From dreams, to science, to the bottle, you are stepping into the future of fragrance!
  • Let’s start with the science, darlings, it is groundbreaking! I worked with IFF, (International Flavors & Fragrances) the renowned fragrance house, who have over 130 years of experience in integrating leading fragrance technology with the artistry of world-famous perfumers. IFF have spent over 40 years testing thousands of fragrance notes and collected over five billion data points to create their unique IFF Scentcube™ algorithm! It’s an incredible tool that allows us to explore scent combinations and emotions through the power of scent. It enabled me to bottle the feelings of love, happiness, irresistibility, serenity, energy, and empowerment!
  • I also looked at how the bottle itself could boost our connection with our feelings and worked with psychologists specialising in colour and numerologists. I have been obsessed with colour since I was a little girl, growing up with my incredible artist father. The symbology on each of the six bottles instantly connects you to the world of each feeling, after all, symbols are the oldest and most universally understood form of communication.
  • I thought about how each consumer could also make the experience personal to them, and created magical incantations to unlock the power within – these are mantras that when you say them, reaffirm and awaken how you feel. It’s more than fragrance – it’s colour theory, it’s numerology, its symbolism, it really is multis-sensory!
  • All of these elements are intrinsically linked to one another in the creation of my six new fragrances and connect back with the science and artistry and my own unique vision.  That is what I believe, makes my new fragrance collection of emotions, and like everything I create, so unique!

5. Can you describe the range of emotions that will be represented in the collection, and how they translate into scent?

  • Love Frequency is my all-encompassing love portal! With notes of romantic Rose Essential, addictive Pink Pepper, and captivating Cashmere Wood, it surrounds you in an aura of radiant, universal love!
  • Darling, Joyphoria is like happiness in a bottle! With a top note of uplifting Neroli Oil, and a base note of enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, Joyphoria blooms with a heart note of radiant Ylang Ylang, a floral ingredient that exudes a radiant aura of sunshine! It gives me the feeling of euphoric celebration, it beams positivity, it lights up my world!
  • Magic Energy feels like a grounding embrace! It’s a harmonising blend of purifying Palo Santo, earthy Cypress Oil, and awakening Bergamot. Whenever I wear it, my aura feels cleansed, I feel connected, I feel reawakened – darling, it’s energy in a bottle!
  • Calm Bliss feels like being transported to an inner sanctuary of tranquillity! With soothing Lavandin, pure white Musks and a Watery Accord that makes you feel like you’re floating in the sea – darling, it’s pure serenity in a bottle!
  • Cosmic Power is my secret to empowerment! With bold Black Pepper Oil, sacred Frankincense, and mystical Amber, it surrounds you in a forcefield of mystical power! It’s self-belief, it’s confidence, it’s like an electrifying spark that connects you to the powers of the universe!
  • And finally darling, More S – it’s irresistible, alluring magnetism in a bottle! With exhilarating Juniper Berry, Leather Accord and captivating, velvety Musks.! Whenever I wear it, I feel magnetic, I feel irresistible, More S truly envelops you in a hypnotic aura of captivating chemistry!

6- Were there any particular challenges you faced while crafting these fragrances, considering the complexity of enhancing emotions through scent?

  • More S… took the longest to finalise, because the ideas behind chemistry and attraction have their own mystery and meaning among different people, perspectives, and moments in time. It took time to define the essence of what that meant… it’s about magnetic attraction, reflecting a primal part of ourselves. It’s ultimately this dance between desire and connection, drawn together by a magnetic pull. To create this fragrance that is suspended between these two states took time.
  • In contrast, Love Frequency was the most seamless to bring to life. It is a fragrance that captures the essence of universal love in its purest form. Yes, it has more complex elements, which is this explosion of roses in their myriad of forms – yet at its core, it’s a fragrance that remains elegantly uncomplicated, which translates the purity of love that I wanted to capture.
  • But honestly darlings, the whole process of creation was what I am born for! I need to create like I need food! So, it was a huge privilege to work with my incredibly talented team of perfumers, and other experts.

7- In what ways do you see fragrance as a medium for self-expression and storytelling, especially within the context of this collection?

  • Each of the six fragrances within my Fragrance Collection of Emotions has its own story to tell.
  • Whenever I use Joyphoria, for example, I am transported to the days of my childhood in the sun, with its gorgeous white florals, such as neroli and jasmine, ylang ylang and tuberose.  It takes me back to dancing with pure abandon on the beach until sunrise—moments of pure escapism, celebration, abandonment, and fun…it’s joy and happiness in a bottle!
  • Whereas Magic Energy, which reminds me of long conversations walking with my father in green forests, is all about reawakening, energising, and boosting your feelings of grounding, earthing energy, with notes of cypress, bergamot, and Palo Santo accord. It’s love, light and purity!
  • As I always say, I feel, therefore I am. So, the question is: darlings, how do you want to feel today?!

8- What type of consumer do you anticipate being most drawn to this innovative approach to fragrance, and what experience can they expect when exploring the collection?

  • This is for the consumer who wants something that is easy-to-use and easy-to-choose so that they can easily transform into whoever they want to be! I always say – fragrance is a feeling! I think just like with skincare and makeup, consumers can use my fragrance to unlock their confidence and feel how they want to.
  • For me, it’s all about giving everyone, everywhere the power and the choice to be whoever they want to be and feel how they want to feel! My advice would be for everyone to try my Fragrance Collection of Emotions and see for themselves the magical power that these scents have to enhance each emotion and feeling – whether it’s love, happiness, energy, calm, empowerment or irresistibility – then they can design their dream day or night and choose the frequency they want to emit to the world!
  • They’re everyone’s six invisible superpowers, darling!

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