Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence: Khazanah Vision in Crafting Spaces

Time, care and passion in every piece – 20 years of creating better spaces, and we believe every space should bring you joy.

Focus on details and commitment to quality is important to us. The spaces we produce are tailored to our client’s standards and lifestyles – spaces that can be admired for generations to come.

Khazanah Royal Closets – Embrace Elegance

This design exemplifies timeless elegance and sophistication, provides ambiance, beauty and style as well as plentiful of storage space.

Khazanah Vetro Closets

glass wardrobe design increases the visual appearance, creates an illusion of more space, and offers functionality and refinement.  The luxury of glass combined with the spaciousness of a walk-in closet makes this wardrobe the height of luxury.  

With this wardrobe design, you’ll have a stylish and sophisticated addition to your bedroom. It’s the perfect way to combine glass and light to create a truly amazing space. 

The Khazanah Vetro Closets redefine the aesthetics of modern storage. Their glass wardrobe designs magnify visual appeal, offering an illusion of boundless space while encapsulating both functionality and refinement. The fusion of luxurious glass with the spacious allure of a walk-in closet positions these closets at the pinnacle of bedroom luxury.

A Place For Everything

All our products are individually manufactured to your specification. We listen to your needs and understand them.

Attractive storage allows for visually splendid pieces to be luxuriously displayed and on a functional level, it gives you the possibility to retrieve what you need to create a beautiful display quickly.

Every piece from Khazanah is a testament to personalized craftsmanship, designed with the user’s unique specifications in mind. Their storage solutions seamlessly merge visual charm with practical design, ensuring that while items remain easily accessible, they are also displayed with opulence.

Tailoring the Closet to Individual Needs and Preferences

One of the key aspects of customization is tailoring the closet to your individual needs and preferences. We assess your wardrobe and storage requirements to determine the optimal layout and design. By customizing the layout to suit your needs, you’ll create a walk-in closet that is both functional and personalized.

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