Blot your Lipstick

When it comes to finishing flawlessly rouged lips, properly blotting is actually very necessary. Gently wipe your lips before applying strong lipstick to remove any dry skin without hurting your lips. Use lipstick on the middle of your upper and lower lips than you do at the corners if you want your lips to seem pouty. Lip Stain Lipstick by Inglot is a super handy mini version of your must-haves that fit every cosmetic bag and clutch. With your fingertips, carefully work the corners and the centre of the lips. After applying the initial blot, you can add a little more colour. Fix + Stay Over by MAC is an alcohol-free setting spray that can help lock your look. It has a fine-mist pump and a formulation with antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental pollutants for 16 hours.

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