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Behind the Brand: Dalu, the Home of Artistic Collaboration

A new and dynamic brand is emerging, poised to redefine the landscape of artistic collaborations in Qatar. Dalu, a Qatari brand with a vision to ignite collaboration, amplify culture and nurture creators, is on a mission to become a beacon for local and regional artists and artisans, providing them with an empowering platform to create and thrive.

“At Dalu, we believe in the transformative power of artistic collaboration and the stories told by every artist through the beautiful collections that we create,” says Hema Pathak Vara, Co-founder of Dalu.

“We’re not just here to simply create products,” Hema shares. “We’re here to support and nurture the incredible artistic talent we have in Qatar and the surrounding regions. Through each piece we create together, we’re sharing stories, we’re cultivating conversations and we’re uniting cultures.”

By dedicating itself to fostering both traditional and contemporary artistic collaborations, Dalu exemplifies the embodiment of Qatar’s artistic spirit, effortlessly transcending borders with thoughtful collections that have global appeal. It is clear that Dalu’s ambition reaches beyond just showcasing local talent. It aspires to elevate Qatar’s remarkable creative ecosystem onto a global platform. From captivating collaborations to locally-inspired collections, Dalu passionately infuses each creation with a unique story of its own. “Our products go beyond aesthetics; they embody the essence of local heritage while embracing the winds of global inspiration, and our first collection really embodies that,” says Hema.

Dalu launched its first collection in September, in collaboration with prominent Qatari artist Mubarak Al-Malik, known for his graffiti style art and for creating many iconic murals around Doha. The Dalu X Mubarak Al-Malik collection echoes Mubarak’s renowned graffiti style, resulting in a captivating ensemble that’s both bold and playful. At the heart of this collection stands the iconic battoulah, a homage to the traditional golden face cover cherished by Mubarak’s grandmother, and which has evolved into a distinctive signature within his art.

“Collaborating with Mubarak to create this collection has been such a privilege, and there was real synergy in our vision,” says Hema about the collaboration. “Through a balanced blend of heritage and contemporary artistry, this collection really resonates with a global audience while staying authentic to its local roots, and that’s what I love about it.”

Hema, a passionate champion of local artists and artisans, is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship in Qatar. With the success of her previous venture, Gift Shed – a premium stationery and gift concept with its flagship store in Doha Festival City – Hema’s journey is an inspiring tale of fostering creativity and community.

As the Co-founder of Gift Shed, Hema’s contributions have been instrumental in fostering vibrant ecosystems in Qatar that connect artisans with broader markets. Hema set the stage for local creatives to be supported by providing artisans with a platform through Gift Shed, ushering them into the spotlight and expanding their reach to new customers. Moreover, her brainchild became a hub for in-house creative workshops, nurturing a thriving creative community within the bustling retail landscape. The result? Gift Shed swiftly cemented its presence in Qatar, evolving from a startup to an impressive five locations within five years.

Reflecting on the beginnings of Gift Shed, Hema shares, “Our vision always included uplifting local creatives. We’re really proud of the role Gift Shed played in offering this unique opportunity to Qatar’s artisans. Now, with Dalu, we embark on a journey to not only extend that legacy but also to enrich our local ecosystem by creating even more avenues for our creative community to thrive through our collaborations.” Both Dalu and Gift Shed share a home under the umbrella of their parent company, Shift Group.

It is clear that Dalu is more than just a brand: it’s a vibrant ecosystem of creativity, collaboration, and cultural appreciation. “By supporting Dalu, you’re doing more than just buying a product” Hema says passionately, “you’re championing and boosting an entire community of local creatives.”

The Dalu x Mubarak Al-Malik collection can be shopped at Gift Shed in Doha Festival City mall | www.dalu.qa | @dalu.qa

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