O Bag: Discover Sustainable Style and Versatility

Bag takes sustainability seriously

O bag Bowly

Elegance Redefined: O Bag Bowly

O Bag takes sustainability seriously. The Bowly is crafted from a special blend of EVA material, which is not only durable and water-resistant but also 100% recyclable. Choose fashion with a conscience.

O bag Maggie

From classic neutrals to bold, statement-making shades, there’s a Maggie pouch to suit every taste.

Bag takes sustainability seriously
Bag takes sustainability seriously

O Clock

The O Clock collection embodies a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. The ability to mix and match components means that the O Clock watch can be tailored to suit both casual and formal occasions.

O Grace

The O Bag Grace Backpack from the Soft Collection is tailored for the modern woman who demands both style and functionality from her accessories.

Bag takes sustainability seriously
Bag takes sustainability seriously

O bag Urban

O bag urban is the perfect size for all your essentials

O bag Unique

O bag unique takes its name from its distinctive feature: it’s unique!

It comes from a fusion of materials between bag body and handles: O bag unique is literally a unique item!

Bag takes sustainability seriously

bag Polly Mini

One of the Polly Mini’s standout features is its customizable nature. With a range of interchangeable handles, straps, and accessories, you have the freedom to curate a bag that suits your unique style and occasion.

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