Aldo Partners With Five Global Influencers To Debut Summer 2023 Campaign

Noor Stars, Tinx, Scotty Pippen Jr. and Rishab are just some of the familiar faces starring in the campaign centered on authentic self-expression.

With a global presence in over 110+ countries and in a historic moment for the Apparel Group brand, ALDO, in collaboration with some of the world’s most notable creators and tastemakers – Tinx, Scotty Pippen Jr., Noor Stars, Rishab Sharma and Irene Kim debuts its Summer 2023 campaign. ALDO centers its collection around the idea of self-acceptance.

“Be your favorite YOU” manifesto reminds people to embrace their uniqueness and multiplicity.

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ALDO Collaborates with Notable Individuals to Showcase Authentic Self-Expression in Fashion

The campaign features five notable individuals as social statement-makers, who use fashion to express themselves. View campaign online/in-store.

ALDO’s Chief Brand and Product Officer, Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, acknowledges the power of authentic voices among consumers and the success of partnering with creators who connect with people worldwide. ALDO is committed to promoting genuine self-expression and feel-good style through its accessible and stylish footwear and handbags. The campaign, “Be your favorite YOU,” aligns with the brand’s values and position as a trusted partner for multi-hyphenate consumers.

Vibrant and Timeless: ALDO’s Summer 2023 Collection

ALDO’s Summer 2023 collection embraces mood-boosting, energetic tones that are perfect for the season. Timeless styles with elevated quality, handcrafted details, vibrant color palettes, and statement-making finishings define the collection. This encourages versatile style-expression while ensuring longevity.

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“We’ve reached a point in the social media space where people are craving authenticity.

Christina Najjar Collaborates with ALDO to Encourage Authentic Self-Expression

Christina Najjar, also known as Tinx, one of the five faces of ALDO’s campaign, expresses her excitement for the collaboration, which focuses on embracing individuality. Tinx sees fashion as a way to express herself and appreciates the creative freedom given by ALDO to showcase her personality and style. The campaign, “Be your favorite YOU,” aims to inspire self-love and empowerment through authentic self-expression.

The ALDO Summer 2023 campaign and collection is available in Aldo, Aldo Accessories store at Doha Festival City.

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