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A Designer’s Guide to Spring / Summer 2023 Interior Trends

Razia Anis, an architect and the founder of DBR studio, has always believed that every space holds a fascinating story. With a Master’s, Razia’s passion for interior design has enabled her to capture the true essence of a place. Born in Kerala, India, she has been exposed to various cultures and ways of living, which is reflected in her overall work philosophy.

In 2019, Razia founded her studio in Qatar during the pandemic, where the demand for better interior spaces increased as people began spending more time indoors. As a designer, she ensures that her creations are sustainable, operational, and aesthetically pleasing.

Welcoming the Spring & Summer Season

As we welcome the spring and summer seasons of 2023, Razia recommends incorporating stuff that evoke a sense of renewal, and robustness. Luxurious bedrooms are a prominent trend, with a focus on creating calming and resort-like spaces where one can unwind and recharge. Soft linen bedding, comfortable mattresses, and elegant upholstered headboards are the main features this season. Elements inspired by nature such as botanical prints, floral patterns, and natural textures like timber and pebbles are increasingly popular. Curves are a key trend in 2023, with plenty of soft, rounded furniture, bowed backs on chairs, sloped arms on sofas, and bended accent pieces. Bringing nature indoors in a sophisticated way by using unrefined materials like rattan, jute, leather, and woven furniture, and decor, as well as plants in biophilic construct is also a popular trend.

To imply these trends into one’s home, the affluent designer advises starting small by swapping out bedding, adding crude textures like wood, stone, and rattan, adding blossomy patterns through throw pillows, curtains, or even a feature wall, investing in curved furniture, choosing spring-inspired colours, and accessorizing with organic components.

Doha Festival City Offering

Doha Festival City offers an array of homeware brands that cater to numerous tastes and costs. Razia’s favorite homeware brands include Pottery Barn, Zara Home, and H&M home. Pottery Barn focuses on organic and personalized design services and is known for its classic and timeless layouts, while Zara Home and H&M home both have ravishing, contemporary, and affordable styles.

According to Razia, the must-haves in every house comprise adequate storage solutions for organizing and storing belongings, an excellent quality mattress for a good night’s sleep and overall health, good illumination fixtures at multiple levels of height, and inclusion of pure matter such as rocks, hardwood and leather into home decor.

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

As Ramadan approaches, she proposes making a warm and welcoming atmosphere by through things that are meaningful and important to people’s beliefs and culture. Removing clutter and reducing excess items from the dwelling are also crucial during this time of reflection. Adding small decorations such as lanterns, candles, and traditional fabrics can generate an aura of a pleasing entrance to the residence.

Her creative approach is centered on curating spaces that reflect the unique personalities and stories of the people who occupy them. With a focus on tenability and artistry, she suggests infusing items having a vibe of softness and reformation to your abode. Starting small and gradually incorporating more substances over time can constitute a beautiful and refreshed space. Renowned homeware brands at Doha Festival City offer diverse styles and budgets to cater to versatile tastes. Adequate storage solutions, great bedding, first-class lighting fixtures, and augmenting agrestal objects are essential at any place. And finally, building a delightful ambience through meaningful elements during the holy month can make one’s home unprecedented and special.

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