5 Must-Have Items for a Perfect Summer from THAT’S LIVING!

Create the perfect summer ambience in your home to embrace relaxation and tranquillity, courtesy of That’s Living at Doha Festival City!

Here are our recommendations:

Drink carts are indispensable whether you prefer freshly squeezed lemonade or chilled fruit-infused water, having a mobile trolley ensures you can quench your thirst without interrupting your relaxation. You will also find designer jug and glasses sets to match.

Coffee tables serve as more than just a place to rest your cup; they anchor your outdoor or indoor seating area. For this we offer a wide collection of coffee tables to match any living room, outdoor spaces or Majlis.

Vases are available at an exquisite range, in various styles, each designed to complement your unique decor with elegance and charm. 
We also have a dedicated florist who specializes in creating floral arrangements tailored to match the personality of your home.

Lighting is crucial for extending your summer evenings. We offer you an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting that is classy and modern at the same time.

Cushions in bright, cheerful colors and soft textures enhance comfort and style, ensuring you can unwind completely for the summer. We offer full customization on our pillows, curtains, and sofas to satisfy all tastes.

In conclusion, these five essential house items are sure to enhance your perfect summer day by keeping you refreshed, comfortable, and surrounded by beauty.

Each piece at the store in Doha Festival City embodies the perfect blend of functionality and luxurious aesthetics. Make sure to visit our stores on the 1st floor from the VIP entrance to check out our range of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and much more.



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